In Egypt found an early image of Jesus


The image of Jesus in the ancient temples and shrines found in large numbers, but it seems that Spanish researchers in Egypt found the earliest image of the main figure of the Christian religion.

A mysterious underground room, dated to the sixth or seventh century ad, contains in one of its walls the image of a young man in a short tunic and with curly hair, who gives blessings. The image is reminiscent of the style of the Byzantine image of Jesus from mosaics and the walls of Constantinople.

The find was named the exclusive and most researchers agree that on the wall shows Jesus. Dr. Padro, Professor Emeritus of the University of Barcelona, I am sure that this is the earliest existing image of the son of God in the Christian religion.

Currently, archaeologists are working to translate inscriptions surrounding the figure in the picture is in a rectangular crypt in order to ascertain the identity of the person drawn on it.

Underground artificial cave has a length of about eight meters and a width of four meters. The burial cave contains the sets for the letters, the thousands of empty rolls of papyrus and some bas-reliefs from the life of the pharaohs. Apparently, buried in the crypt of the scribe and historian, which he painted on the wall of Jesus or wrote about his life.

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