In Donetsk, a mixed report with video of World of Tanks


A journalist’s work involves attention to detail and at least a basic awareness, but many journalists do not pay due attention to these features. The story of the creators of the report on the channel «Rain», where the reporter confused «orcs» and «urkov» as the story of the shame of ignorance, now not alone. It included a report from a local TV station in Donetsk television.

VoiceOver informs that the video recorded the arrival of Russian armored vehicles on the road near Donetsk. News anchor says that this record is handed over to the Ukrainian militia by the Russian military, but the attentive viewer can immediately notice the trick. The fact that the news service is known to the channel «1+1» or itself used footage taken by Sergey Karapetyan on the T-72, or used someone else’s video without special verification. Viewers are not confused by the fact that the T-72 tank in the video is 2005, and the fact that it bears the logo of the famous online game World of Tanks. The video was filmed for the next event on this very popular in all segments of the population the client is a massive multiplayer online game. It is noteworthy that the logo on the launch vehicle do not see is almost impossible.

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