In China, sell gold iPhone 6 for 140 000


Fans of Apple technology in the UK stood in line for a new smartphone for almost a week. The number of people gathered in the vicinity of the Apple store is growing from day to day. All these people gathered here to purchase new product from Apple. But some of this equipment can be sold on the black market in China for triple the price.

Latest reports indicate that already advertised on the Chinese black market for gold iPhones cost 140,000 rubles ($ 3600). In fact, in the UK, this iPhone costs 43 500 roubles. In London, hundreds of people are Queuing for the new Golden smartphone.

27-year-old Sam Sheikh said he waited three days in line to get your gold iPhone. This guy was the first customer fancy iPhone in the UK. In the US, the place grows on 100 meters every 10 minutes of sales.

«I’m in the queue, because it’s not sold in China, said Chen Manwani, 21-year-old tourist from Fujian province, adding: «Though it is expensive, but at home I will be able to sell the iPhone is more expensive.»

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