In Austria opens world’s largest brothel

It just so happens that the profession of a prostitute — perhaps the most ancient and highly paid female profession. Instead of having to dissemble and deny this case the European bro not only legalized it in many parts of the vast of Europe, but manage to cut it a decent deal in the state budget.

And here enterprising man Peter Lascaris (Laskaris Peter) wants to invest in this undoubtedly profitable business as many as 20 million green building the world’s largest brothel.

The working name of the institution — FunMotel. The number of people that he is able to take a day — about a thousand. Hundreds of rooms, hundreds of courtesans, huge Parking lot, which even has a place buses for poor bro. Immediately the question arises: will there be special buses such as those that carry people in the «mega-IKEA» in Russia? And what color are they?

The complex will enclose a three-meter fence to secure the privacy of the guests of the brothel.

The Lascaris believes that his brothel is like going from Department stores to supermarkets. Association with the «Mega» becomes even stronger. I even imagine how the complex will be hanging banners with slogans: «Human BDSM», «Hot aziatochki» etc.

The range at the brothel diverse: party, Swinger, hetero sex, and even master classes by famous stars of the porn industry. It will be interesting to listen to the lectures from Sasha grey and her friend.

Where to build a brothel, is still unknown, but the creators promise that he won’t bother anyone. Here it is, the civilization, man!

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