In an Islamic State genitals pigeons considered offensive to Islam

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_mO36P0focf4HOGenerous imagination spiritual leaders of the Islamic State announced that the bird’s genitals are offensive to Islam. Now the poor birds outside of the law.

With the beginning of the year was arrested 15 boys, who were engaged in the breeding of pigeons. Three of them were executed. The militants believed that this hobby keeps children to pray to Allah.

In Islam when the dove symbolized peace and devotion to family. It dove appeared on the shoulder of the prophet Muhammad, showing him downward Divine inspiration. Apparently, the clergy of ISIS are entitled to change the age-old foundations of Islam, which they cover all their crimes.

The only question is, how often people see pigeon genitalia. Did you see that? So we think that boys have better things to do than to consider the reproductive organs of pigeons. By the way, who knows, the penis can only be seen during sexual intercourse. During intercourse the penis is in an excited state, out of the cloaca and the male enters it into the cloaca of the female. There’s no other way. As the pigeons broke boys question: have you sent erotic, forced to mate on pain of death. Probably not seen. But the word of the Imam of the IG – harder peas.

We will remind that it not the first threat to life ban in the state. For example, there are laws by which those who are listening to music on your mobile phone, men in tight jeans, cigarette smokers and late for prayer jail. Even before the clergy said that the husband has the right to eat part of the body of his wife, because woman is considered a great honour.

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