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At some point your brother or best friend may ask you to be maid of honor. It is a great honor. One of the duties of the best man to give a speech in which to say a few kind words about your best friend or brother, his fiancée. If you have not been to many weddings, you probably noticed how easy some people turn even the best things in awkward, drunken spectacle. The mixture of alcohol and lack of training leads to simple phrases, meaningless words.

If you don’t want to look like a real ass in front of all the guests, offer you some tips that will help you give a grandiose speech, and you’ll know what to talk about at the table.

Get ready! Don’t go to the wedding with the thought that standing there you know exactly what to say in his address. If you have a few months before the wedding, start now to think about some ideas for your language. Start brainstorm and write down thoughts, stories, anecdotes and quotes, which you can eventually use when making speeches. If you don’t know enough about how young was found — ask around. Remember-life stories that show how wonderful the guy is the groom. The purpose of speech is to show how beautiful this couple together.

Stay sober. Of course, you want to enjoy the celebration, and alcohol can help to alleviate feelings before the speech. You can have a drink, but before the performance make sure you are not drunk. You don’t want to be so uninhibited, to say that something will soon regret. In addition, a real man doesn’t need to drink to overcome fear and solve problems.

Openly Express gratitude. Please thank all who made it possible to do. Give parents of the bride and groom by name and offer a toast to them. Thank the guests for what they came to support the young in this day.

Tell me a story. Find a story you can tie into a beautiful speech. She should tie the young couple and your support. Share your story about how your friend was complaining of not being able to find a woman with x, y, z qualities, but it turned out he was wrong and now she stands beside him, so beautiful. Very well in his speech to emphasize that the bride and groom balance each other. You can tell a funny story from the life of the groom, only jokes should be subtle, not to offend anyone.

Avoid controversial topics. Never touch the taboo topics that may cause controversy, to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable. You probably now thought that it is not necessary to mention, as there is common sense. However, many standing with microphone in hand, begin to forget about it. Not a rare story where the best man stands and says his speech, said a few jokes and funny stories from the life of the groom. He’s trying to be funny, to tell something interesting the public, and the result is awkward, even terrible, and nobody’s laughing. It is certainly good if you share a joke topic, but one that wouldn’t hurt anyone in the end.

We can’t talk about past relationships of the groom, to say that you used to think about the bride when I first met her. No need to say «looking forward to the honeymoon» while looking at the bride and wink — she could Samosata. Don’t lose your sense of tact and common sense.

Be concise. Nothing annoys people more than a few drunken and incoherent long speeches. To say it takes no more than five minutes, otherwise you risk to bore the audience.

Raise a glass and offer a toast.Raise a glass of champagne and wished the young: «Happiness and love» or something like that.

Be yourself. You should not try to be formal and try to seem like somebody. I also urge you to follow each step of the above instructions. Just follow my advice. Let your speech will be natural. Use your natural voice and mannerisms. Honest, from the heart.

Cheat sheet:

  1. Openly thank everyone who took part in the organization of this day.
  2. Go on with the speech: «I am delighted to be here today with my best friend to celebrate this momentous day in his life.»
  3. Tell me, if a good man is the groom and why he is so dear to you.
  4. Share the story of the life of the groom and smoothly connect this story with the life of the bride.
  5. Raise a glass and offer a toast to the young.
  6. Breathe with relief.
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