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As we have repeatedly said that speaking skills is very important when communicating with friends. Exactly what you say and how you say it, forced her friend to look at you with interest.

For conversation, as with any process of seduction, important skills and their degree of development. Today we will develop your skills in a conversational genre will tell you, how to talk with friends right.

1. Be clear and concise

It shows the major and the General Council, but in fact it is the most important. Seriously, if you’re short and clear, it is already half of success.

The fact that the dude who speaks clearly and briefly, the girl seems to be a more advantageous option than the one that’s saying. All because the girl is confident in his unsurpassed confidence. But it’s worth a lot. Girls are also annoyed by the abundance of words-parasites. Think about it, do you have any candid speech: you Burr Lisp? If you have urgently to the logopedist, friend, these individual characteristics do not decorate anyone.

2. Different from the others and show sincere interest

Believe me, friend, if the girl more than 20 years and while she’s pretty, she has seen many different men. Traditional pikaparkki: «Hey, let me buy you a drink and we’ll guess your name,» she’s already sitting here! Therefore, in order to get the right girlfriend, must be different from others. To start with ordinary questions — road to nowhere. Let’s compare two approaches to the girl.

— Hey, what’s your name?

— Ira.

— How old are you?

— 23.

— What do you do for a living?

— I teach in the school of arts.

Sad, huh? And now a slightly different approach.

Hey, I saw you from the other end of the hall and decided to meet. My name is Oleg.

— Ira.

— What are you doing, Ira?

— Work with children.

— Spread? Probably it is difficult and troublesome?

It is another thing. Can start the conversation with the purpose to learn something or, for example, to start the communication with something really unusual. For example, notice the interesting hairstyle girls — so you will show their interest in it and to distinguish themselves as remarkable in every sense of the guy.

3. Be understanding

Simply put, learn to listen to the girl. On the one hand, you can have a good time, a conversation with a girl word for word (honestly, sometimes it is possible to begin with banal «How was your day?», and finish with a discussion of the latest Bioshock). So you show that you are interested in not only the appearance of the girl, but she is. If a girl complains to you on the day and colleagues can easily cheer her up and tell you a little story about how today has made the brain to work. Just don’t lie and be brief!

4. Do not overdo it with compliments

We even have the article about it is good. Not become a girl on an incredibly high pedestal, even if she is just incredibly beautiful. Say it with a beautiful godlike girl with a very ordinary man, because she (spoiler spoiler!) a normal person! Do hot girls know how hot they are. If you will constantly remind them of this, you will quickly bore them and stand in a proud series of losers, which they dumped on the way.

When you treat the girl as an equal, she also communicates with you on an equal footing and will automatically begin to respect you.

Remember that hot Babes are not aliens from distant stars, and the same ordinary people.

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