Impossible world of Escher


We decided that you need to develop enough to degrade. Not only on naked women watch, it is certainly cool, because they’re so delicious… But! Including the brain. You need to learn something new. For example in the art world. Have you heard of Escher? It would be very cool if you knew about him anything.

This is an impossible artist. Why? We suggest you to familiarize yourself with his biography this weekend. We won’t focus on his life and destiny. First and foremost, we want to show you his creation. They have more math than you think at first glance.

If you do not inspire the work of this talented man, then you things are bad. Suggest you get stuck for a few minutes to learn more about each image. What is unusual in the works of M. C. Escher? Actually a lot of stuff, but we are confident that you will be interested in the paintings in which the broken logic of space. Don’t you know?

The fact that our brain always tries to present drawn on paper a two-dimensional image as three-dimensional. With this phenomena are «impossible figures». This was used by Escher in his works. He loved to create infinite waterfalls, endless stairs, and helped him in this optical illusion.

Escher understood that the geometry of space determines its logic, but the logic of space often determines its geometry. He easily played with it and as a result of his paintings was a masterpiece.

There is another interesting thing that you loved to use Escher, it is called «reproduction information». You knew immediately what it was — the most obvious reflection of this equipment is a famous figure, where the hands draw themselves «Drawing hands». If you do not know what we are, below is a photo of this painting. Hands draw each other, creating themselves. However, the hands and the process of self-reproduction are inseparable.

These are the puzzles often throws Escher admirers of his art. This artist has another trick — self-portraits. Escher often produces his own face in the reflection of any items. Most often it is a metal sphere. Like you can see below.

About Escher you can talk endlessly, but the best one (and only) time to see his work. Look carefully to his paintings and try to unravel their structure and reveal its mysteries.

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