Important to the girl appearance of the guy?


Then as if the question arose: is it important for girls appearance of the guy?

To answer this question is not difficult, especially since we are all modern people and to hide there is nothing special. Yes, appearance is important. You know, America did not open, and most likely you already probably encountered this problem. Now to understand me correctly, I explain, — we are not talking about bad boys. I’m talking about that appearance, style and other spiritual attributes have a value.

There really is one big-pribolshoy BUT!

We all know that «meet on clothes». We (girls) is not very original and fully affirm this stereotype.

BUT there are moments when you met the man absolutely does not correspond (even approximately) is created in the head of the ideal or type. But charisma/sense of humor/courage and other sorts of quality is through the roof as the norm, and she involuntarily reviewing those same ideals and character types».

And when you are not spiritual, and spiritual attributes of the guy fully comply with the inclinations of a girl (sometimes it happens), then all you can experience the real ecstasy of how well everything came together.

Of course there are moments that are valued regardless of physical appearance, despite the fact that formally they can go in the same pile of «not spiritual» attributes.

For example, grooming, and neatness. And I’m not talking about metrosexuals. Punks and there are all sorts of subcultural currents are, of course, cool. But when a man is thoroughly cleaned and smells good, no girl will resist the opportunity to get under his skin. Because if a guy is clean in body and taking the time to RUB in the shower with a loofah their bodies, the girl, as if unconsciously celebrates its self-organization.

External purity I and the other girls one hundred percent include:

— clean the head

— neobratimye nails without dirt

— clean shoes and clothes

— pleasant smell (aroma really sometimes is, because we are much more sensitive than guys)

— clean face (pimples, acne and other ailments can be treated).

I think that there is nothing supernatural I did not write, because exactly the same requirements of the normal man demands of its potential or existing friend. And if, by chance it happened that your super clean nails or powerful biceps were not her taste, immediately cut all fibers of the soul.

You can help such things as:

— courage (if anything, protect them from the muggers)

— courage (almost the same)

— the notorious charisma (you’re so alone, all the rest is a gray mass)

well, chivalry (open doors, fees for the account in the cafe, help with my coat, etc.)

— sense of humor (joke, funny, humor)

— a sense of proportion (not parachute not PerioStar not Pereybere)

— self-esteem (to be a heel fail… Sometimes it’s better to pretend you don’t care, and I’ll pay attention to you).

Well, as my mother used to say: «for every seller there is a buyer». I personally also add here: «every creature — pair». This means that if some girl is not appreciated you appreciated, be sure to find one that will be wildly dragged from your beard, for example).

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