Implicit signs of a bad man

Implicit signs of a bad man

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2014_QKlLcisnlezieTo calculate shit is difficult, but possible. When I read another text about the bad (to put it mildly!) people, I try on everything, and unfortunately I find that I not so well done. Unfortunately. Another reason to think how the little things lead people to the conclusions regarding your person. What do bad people, who at first glance has no flaws?

1. They misbehave with the staff.

2. General rule: if they speak bad and gossip about others, they do the same to you when you’re not around.

3. If they hurt someone’s feelings, their standard response: «I’m just honest» or «it was Better to lie?»

4. You saw how they fought with and loved person (friend, family member) and thus behaved in a disgusting and showing a complete disrespect for his person and for relationship with him. Good people fight to solve the problem, and not to make others feel bad or terrible.

5. They love new people. Every four months they have a new best friend or a new girlfriend, and old friends fade into the background.

6. They accuse other people that they ridicule or mock them — though, of course, out of nowhere. Or is this a reaction to criticism.

7. They say, «Let’s get A because he will do» — that is, acknowledge that you’re friends with certain people just for the sake of the benefit that gives them this friendship.

8. Their favorite phrase: «Why am I always so unlucky?» or «Why is this happening to me?» They seemed to enjoy my screw-up, they are absorbed in it, as in the shell, and I think the failures of his constant romantic attribute. These people are always in need of support and sympathy that, in General, unhealthy.

9. You saw how they enjoyed the fact that somebody is drunk.

10. They change. These people will justify themselves by all means, complain about everything, but normal dudes it is clear that any justification of this kind is sophomoric. A good type will solve the conflict or finish the relationship, not to sculpt the hunchback.

11. «Don’t make a tragedy.» Proponents of AMD vs AMD, if the main role is played by someone else.

12. They behave differently depending on who is near them. Different companies people show different sides of his personality, however, changed beyond recognition — it’s still too much.

13. They hate your dog (dogs not mistaken).

14. They have no old friends and bad relations with all members of their family. Building relationships is an important skill, and if next to that person nobody stays longer than a year, chances are that he has a generator big problems.

15. When someone disagrees, it is a tragedy of universal scale. Dissent was immediately subjected to ridicule and poking nose in her own lapses: should all remember that they are not perfect!

16. They sincerely believe that their ex is still passionately interested in their life. Another sign: they are capable of for years to hate the man who all this time does not concern them and not even catches their eye.

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