Immediately to the bed: when to have sex?

manygoodtips.com_12.12.2013_JMVeOEf0TOFlMUsually there for sex search is not necessary. I want, with whom you can have sex. As one clever dude, sex is pizza. Even when things go bad, pizza is pizza. So, dude, sex is sex. In fact, that we would not compel fashionable pattern of behavior that suggests that if you have sex five times a day, something is not right, sex with age, I want less, most want peace and lack of fuss. But while you’re young, sex is still pizza, you will not die from its absence, but it’s still very nice and saves you from problems.

So for what reason it is urgent to have sex?

1. Reunion after a long separation

There’s nothing worse than a long absence, when your girlfriend is in one city and you in another. This longing, when there is no possibility to touch a loved one. If not for Skype, I don’t know how I could survive the period of our separation. Several months of forced abstinence, and so you meet, in order not to leave it so long? What is better in this situation? Sex! You don’t even have to wash off the road, I assure you, you won’t even notice, so to speak, smell. In addition, it is the best way to make up for all the scratches that appeared on your relationship during the long separation, because separation was long, man, they probably appeared. Details about fear and loathing of long-distance relationships can be read here.

2. After a quarrel

Sex, as we have seen, the best way to smooth out the rough edges. And after fighting several thousands of darkness. During a quarrel is a real passion, which with relative ease can be turned into positive emotions and passion. Back to of affection, mutual respect, open the pores from dirt grievances and disappointments better with the help of a passionate session of therapy. Sex in this case plays the role of decoration, makes you instantly forget the insults and disappointment, but to use this trump card wisely: if you sleep with each other after quarreling too often, you can feel that sex is not an adventure, just a way to get rid of the need to solve problems… words.

3. After receiving the good news

This is the best way to be happy, especially when the news is really good. Spirit up, pants down. Someone passed gosy, who received a promotion — there are many reasons, man! And the pants need to lose immediately.

4. After you propose

As if that tearful look from the side, after she says Yes, you’ll shed a tear and drag her to bed. However, this only works when you’re genuinely in love with her. Although knowing that this person is yours now, you can experience a… special feeling. The girl is happy, she’s grateful to you, and which method is best suited to please her and yourself? You know everything, man!

5. Emotional and stressful situations

In stressful situations the person turns on the instinct of self-preservation. If in prehistoric times, this stress factor could be the tiger, from which you just escaped along with the entire tribe, but now it may be accident, which you got, or cut that bypassed your side. Ancient mechanisms make us in the circumstances of stress to want sex, Recalling that if it happens again next time, we might not be able to leave offspring. In some ways, sex is a form of escapism from the stresses of everyday life. Someone feeds the homeless, someone who plays role-playing games, some online games, some people can learn a hobby or craft, and someone is engaged in passionate love. Here’s a escapism.

As one clever dude, sex is pizza. Even when things go bad, pizza is pizza. So, dude, sex is sex.

6. Visiting parents

Yeah, dude, it’s kind of too stressful. Especially when you visit the girl’s parents. You have to keep the brand, but it is also a kind of stress. When your parents are coming, stress less. But the worst stress for me personally is the game in the territory of the girl’s parents. It’s difficult and energy-intensive, and I need a warm women’s wing. You’ve been good and deserve rewards, right?

7. Vacation

During the holidays libido grows to inappropriate values, dude! Especially when the holiday is active. What can be better than such a holiday? When you start working, you realize too tired for all these erotic games. Sometimes they seem meaningless! But not during the holidays when your head is free from thinking about work, and your girl wears beautiful clothes. Sun, sea, beach, no worries… Libido wakes up like a bear after hibernation and requires new discoveries. You do not prevail over deadlines, no annoying neighbors, who will look at you with disapproval on the landing because you have a noise — sex on vacation is becoming a common and wonderful phenomenon.

8. After a breakup

If your relationship gave an ugly crack, this does not mean that you then never meet again. You need to give CDs, books and take your stuff. And here you both are, evil, meet and decide in recent times to have sex. This is a great way to break up with resentment, anger and rage. At least, we think so, dude! In fact, you do not close relations, and again see myself as a girl with invisible thread strange emotional intimacy, anger does not dissipate, the sex can happen again (it again), and feeling of incompleteness. Then you can come back to each other, and how it will work for you is another story.

9. Once you have returned to each other

Something to mark your triumphant return to the womb… um… family? Of course, the sex: it establishes your feelings erupted and completely rejects the thought in the spirit of «why did I come back to this woman?» However, sex is not able to permanently silence the voice of reason. How to get back to the woman right? Read here in this article.

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