Imaginary downloads: why the world’s «stars of Internet»

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_m60HsCTgrvnh8Imagine that you are fifteen. You really don’t know the Internet: chase football, go to concerts, in the best case a hell of a slow download three-minute porn. Among your idols rock stars, actors, footballers, boxers. The writers are understanding, but seriously do not pay attention to them. However, you clearly realize that Dostoevsky is a monster of literature, it can be called a real star, but prefer modest to call it a classic. You have understanding that there are ordinary people who work in shops, hotels, law offices, and there are popular people. They mean a lot more, or why to them such attention even after death?Following imagine that a mad scientist kidnaps you and sends you via time machine to 2016. You go online and find out what the «hype», but I can’t understand why the girl who talks about makeup on exhibitionistic service under the strange name of «Instagram», earns more than your father, doctor of science, laureate of different prizes.

Sure, you’d be shocked by this situation, but now it seems normal, natural course of modern history — the popularity devalued and reduced to likes and views. How bad is it?

Can we consider this the popularity of this and why the «stars of the Internet», which already pushed the avant-garde artists, poets, philosophers, writers, left alone with pop culture — the last Bastion of the old world?

In this article we will try to give reasonable answers to these difficult questions, citing the experience of witnesses, direct participants in the Internet-degradation (and some will say it’s evolution!) and people who proudly uphold the contemporary state of Affairs, considering that it democratizare the concept of popularity.

The virus in the public consciousness

There are old dinosaurs like Khovanskii and Madison — you guys did the content did it clumsily, but with a soul. Has infected many people to do their own show. But with modern «bloggers», things are different. They are watching and having read to the discoverers, not even thinking to create interesting and useful content, because it is difficult and expensive, but you can always copy the idea from the more successful representative of the beauty of the waves, to disease, make a buck.

Instagram is the largest breeding ground for this terror, which consumed all that is good in this world before the time has awakened Cthulhu. But most people don’t even know what they want to do. The popularity of the Internet is such a short-lived phenomenon that one wrong move can make you a nobody. However, to become a nobody one must first become someone, and it’s harder than it seems.

Look at the crowd, furiously recording video, take photos, write clever and silly lyrics, proudly call themselves bloggers, hoping that the world they are interesting. But the world few people even interesting. To rise above the heads, it is necessary to create a small mound of the heads is smaller.

Who becomes popular? Rarely have any interesting blog or page. Try to hammer into Google the phrase «most popular page instagram», and you don’t see in the first ten nothing remarkable — the «stars» do not give any useful information, does not make the art, do not live the life of a genius. They are popular because… popular. Believe that a scientist who creates a vaccine against cancer, is at least popular in social networks than any girl that loves to wriggle on camera or expose her body. It is primitive, but this is the explanation.

If the stars have in the past been inaccessible to the layman, the stars of this very close and doing the same things as everyone else: eat, shit, play sports, petting dogs, goof off, grimace, drink, have sex, enjoy life, whining and talking about what idiots they are surrounded by. Nothing interesting, but it is close to ordinary life — your life.Can be called modern society is degraded, if the winner of the prestigious literary prize raises the question of «Who is this?», and the girl who takes the absurd videos «Live and yearn» at once is remembered and becomes very famous? We did not belittle the talent of the girl, we may in General compare the incomparable, and in fact society does not degenerate, and it just becomes more diverse.

The Internet — the great equalizer

That makes sense. Early to climb on the pedestal of public adoration, you had to work, had to do the show and give over 300 concerts a year, as Elvis Presley. And you had to die like a complete drug addict. Real stars don’t live long. Now you don’t need anything — only smartphone with a reasonable camera and a couple of brains to type a short sentence-like presentation. You can even forget about the looks — remember the channel «Red 21» (the guy had a long way to success, but the appearance of Stallone obviously had, even the current Stallone).

The Internet has made people equal — the epitome of wet dreams of Soviet ideologists. Now you even don’t need talent to be popular and to have this money and influence. Or do you seriously think that everything you see and read, is done on pure enthusiasm? Air and sunlight so far, no one ate.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_DklCcOPB7QCyyThe importance of the ability to organize and present themselves. With that our people have big problems, and therefore remain unknown to many interesting projects in our online space. People forget that success is a business that need to develop, coldly, without regret, for the precepts of «the godfather» by Mario Puzo. You must land there, to climb into all the cracks and peck their proposals each «agent of influence» to break out of its marginal cells.

So, you will be surrounded by competitors who steal your original idea» if you let your mind wander or to be distracted. So if you do good stuff, shoot beautiful photos, write interesting texts, that is, of course, good, but not enough to love you.

The popular page on instagram — it is a system that is more connected with crafts, tied to the views, likes, and comments. And in order to become a successful artisan, you don’t need to have the talents of van Gogh and the beauty of Alain Delon — you need to work hard to promote your face like you’re a brand, regular packaging of Coca-Cola or Mars bars. It is very market relations that are brutally honest with anyone who engages in them. Not managed to chew my way to Olympus? Then flounder in a swamp of uncertainty as everyone else.

Not good, not evil, but a reality

One of our friends, when we were preparing the material, told us the following:

«I start my day by checking how many likes I have put in the inst. Then put down the likes to other users that they gave me in response. Half of my subscribers (actually more — approx. author) — this cheat. Moreover, it is easy to check, if you look at who I subscribed to. The accounts of the Arabs are cheaper, so I have more of them.

Every day I take pictures or put up old pictures in the feed, but much of the success depends not on content but on personal relationships and the ordinary barter (you tell me — I tell you). Today I have the opportunity to do this — I get paid for publishing posts in any project.

For 20 thousand rubles a month, every week I do 10-12 posts with photos, sometimes less.

The photos themselves are original, but sign them all on one line — the work is simple, easily combined with studies».

What can be learned? That with the right approach, a small amount of brain fluid and painful desire to bare his soul before the world, you can not only become popular but also to monetize this popularity. If you consider yourself to hate all this blogerska moving, then you just have to accept the harsh truth: they make money and you don’t.

Prostitution is the soul of the camera is not from the corruption, stupidity and narrow-mindedness. On the contrary, people who were able to make this business profitable, smart, considered and well versed with what the people want. And today that people do not need heroes with a capital letter — people want to see themselves as heroes, which they can find in the characters that reflect their personality through your page. Cold calculation, to become a little richer.

Virtually every popular page on instagram — this is a business that has its experts, analysts, team promotion, film crew, marketer, even a screenwriter. They all use professional services that are focused on results — namely, the increase in the number of subscribers that will access to the author of the popular pages of new opportunities for earnings. And you thought all this for fun? Friend, look out the window behind him you will not see anything that was built and created just like that.

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