I’m watching the anime. Is this normal?



Hello, dear manygoodtips.com. A little about myself: I am a 2nd year student of the good prestigious University, professionally engaged in Boxing, I love public speaking, my Hobbies are fishing, skiing and other extreme sports, and ANIME. «Like, dude, how did you come by this?» – I say some people. Question: okay dude watch anime?


Guy, we don’t know. You probably confused by the rumors that the anime guy shove his anus with all sorts of figures Helsing and Saltanov Cracatoa (or whatever name the anime characters?), suffering from loneliness, all washed-up sociopaths-chikani that of despair meet each other in costume, furry, literally tearing the skin from the head member during a deep-throat Blowjob? And then wipe splashed Malatia face torn piece manga, continue being cooped up in his room and masturbating to perfectly drawn girls with big eyes and a nasty voice.

If you have a problem with such rumors, we have a question: do you treat this? We hope you like entertainment and lifestyle indifferent, and, judging by the Hobbies, Chicana is not. Maybe even have a girlfriend. Of course, if you didn’t lie to us: all types of porn only watch hentai and think what do you feel gives the figure of Sailor moon, then I have some bad news.

Come on, we know that in the anime have their own masterpieces, like «Steamboy», «the Walking castle», «Porco Rosso» and the like, and that fans of anime culture are mostly not cosplay favorite characters from morning till night. Somehow on YouTube I came across of a guy who love anime forced to learn the language. Now he lives in Japan, happily married to the native of the land of the Rising Sun, enjoy the benefits of society and enjoying life. It is clear that not always the anime guys in turns Chekanov and a sociopath.

In fact, such a negative attitude towards this kind of art was formed under the oppression of that anime look crazy cosplayers and flawed personality. The most unprofitable make it their sense of life. Why? Because they consider themselves to be not like others, and viewing someone else’s and specific to the Russian soul art gives them the chance to feel unique. Because these reptiles are normal and adequate anime fans despise.

It is this cultural strangeness just makes our residents such an aversion to anime. It is often confused with the hentai and call pornography. Well, we are not able to adequately treat the overseas art, the more understandable is not for everyone. Japanese flavor, like Japanese culture, very distant Russian city. We have, like, the Asian mentality, but the steppe peoples from very different Islander, Asian Asians alike. Besides, anime is massive, and there are some that will be clear to a specific audience (and Arthouse). Everyone was watching «Pokemon», «Shaman king» – not anime, but also Japanese products, by the way, with the specificity which has not always been adequate. But it is a mass product, mass consumption, there is such depth and importance, as in many anime. I remember some MPs, instead of solving things, tried to ban anime, considering that it drives the Russian culture and provokes a suicide.

This is what I? To the fact that we had an article about stereotypes, where it was said that for the man normally to watch the animation. If you’re a normal guy who treats anime as an art form, not a manual for life, spit at all and see his health. I love the song of Igor Sarukhanov, and this is considered weird in some circles.

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