I’m tired of: people and things from which already start to feel sick

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2014_WmCzBA2DMXGOKIf every day has a favorite dish, it ceases to be loved. If every day to watch the same movie, soon you won’t want to see it to the end of his days. If the day-to-day with different information streams to hear the same words, they begin to irritate you. Today we have gathered the most annoying trends of recent times. We got tired of hearing it. We are tired to talk about it. We are tired to watch it. Please stop, dear beautiful world.

Hipsters and people who fit that description

hipsterThe hipster is almost as Volan de mort: everyone knows who this is, but it can not be called. Year from 2011 to say aloud the word «hipster» was in bad taste — the fad quickly passed, but the hipsters in fact did not disappear. And the same frustrating fashion clothes, same beard and waxed the same hairstyle, the same monotonous pytlivyi group — everything is in place, only now not called. What every man thinks: «hipster», but does not speak aloud, and the word continues to secretly live in our tortured collective consciousness.

A separate item in the problem with hipsters are their whistleblowers and haters. «Stupid hipsters,» «hipsters are the same», «it’s hipster occupation» — as if an unspoken moral code prohibits wearing glasses of a certain shape and to ride fixed, because this right once and for all reserved miserable unworthy people also still cannot call it.

Latte, its principle and stress it


With the ubiquitous coffee shops of all kinds: transnational and Starbucks, and cozy little coffee shops poludohlyh — people opened, that is, there are different types of coffee with only sugar or milk. You Americano, cappuccino, iced latte and an amazing variety! We realized that black coffee is not so refined to suit our refined tastes. Latte another thing: foreign word milk above the roof — just what you need.

Special mention deserve the suffering the latte principle, according to which, abandoning daily Cup of the notorious drink, you can accumulate a million and freed finances to buy some Uruguay. Talking about the principle of latte people cause deep fatigue and laziness, they lie to themselves! Will they spend two hundred rubles in a cafe will spend in the supermarket, because «stray extra», and we do not know how it is. I, too, personal economic revolution.

And finally, it stops. People are divided into two categories: those who persevere and uneducated says «latte» and those who are trying to convert them to the right path, cautiously, but persistently repeating at every opportunity: «latte». Some show themselves as ignorant, others as snobs. Another reason to hate everyone equally, but for different reasons.

Pussy Riot

These girls have done everything that was possible, and now I have the moral right and even the responsibility to calm down. They danced in the temple, sitting in prison, singing with Madonna, was splashed on the covers of magazines — you can become complacent and not rock the boat, but the fear of being forgotten eats the girls with a sore pseudopregnancy responsibility and gives them peacefully to squeeze the ass. Pussy Riot from last forces do everything that they are not forgotten. No, I am against the whips, I have been disgusted valiant Sochi Cossacks, but the controversial activist» also cannot impress sane person. Affectation in colored tights and balaclavas is not a civil protest, not an artistic performance — it’s funny and pathetic attempts to re-organize itself around the hype. Ashamed of Pussy Riot with their cheap attempts to create newsworthy ashamed of unprincipled Cossacks in the history of no right, entirely my fault. Don’t worry ladies, we still have to remember you, although, hand on heart, you fed up to death. Still now, in the enlightened eyes of Europe and America, Russia is Vodka, Matrioshka, Pussy Riot.



At one point, it turned out that sneakers are the new shoes default where people seem to be born. Probably now in the hospital under the new rules to the child and included his first pair of sneakers — and that he goof? The sneakers go all: pupils, students, Vladimer Posner, dancing with his elbows youth, athletes, Ksenia Sobchak — this fashion has not spared anyone. Even I myself, as a fool, and all of these people in the sneakers. Young neo-Nazis in sneakers, young anti-fascists in the sneakers, even Granny-the heart condition that I meet every day at the stadium (it’s prescribed by doctors exercise) — and pink New Balance. Yourself are not funny?


manygoodtips.com_21.02.2014_FMIe2T2I970iCTwice it has bothered residents of the Krasnodar region and Sochi, but the rest of the country zadolbali in a proper default mode x1. First, the grueling training for the Olympics with countless photographs of the outrages and feil: dirt, ugly back of buildings, a cemetery near the Olympic venues — all have seen all know. Then revealing the recognition of the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, that gays in the city. Then an opening ceremony, which impressed all the high level plays, mediascripts Olympic ring and sleeping Medvedev. Now the competition. After that, we will not be able to hear the word «Olympics» for four years.

The Font Is Lobster


He will give a hundred points ahead of the previous leader in the field of pesky fonts Comic Up. «Lobster» is not only the most lazy designer though, probably, no, he just says «Lobster» all. Needless to say, if the First channel in the program «let’s get married» all the signatures I write this very text. And all those who Commission design, somehow still not realized that the font long ago ceased to be interesting and, as they say such people «cool.» The «lobster» zadolbali.


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