«I’m a night owl», or the best way to escape from the police

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2014_Rpblh89TBIgCWOf course, it should be noted that I love owls. They are wonderful birds and look very beautiful. This story showed that owls can help you escape from the police. Well, at least try to do it.

A man from Massachusetts named Troy, Prokect was suspected of many offenses, including driving under the influence several times in a row. Fines our hero did not want to pay, the police avoided. But one day a patrol found his car on the side of the road. Troy’s ass sensed danger, ran out of his car, jumped the fence and ran into the woods when he noticed the police. From the car smelled of alcohol. The militiamen went with the dogs into the woods to catch a fugitive, and soon they found him. Our hero sat on a tree and with interest considered came. «Look — mysteriously handed it to Troy, the snow is coming.» The police asked the guy did to get off of the tree, where he sat for a long time, but Prokect clearly not wanted. «I’m a night owl», I noticed Troy and quickly climbed to the top. The result, of course, removed, but the 37-year-old man, which depicts an owl on a pine tree at night — it is something. But a good idea from the police in such a way to go, however, they are not appreciated.

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