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In my childhood nobody cares about the contents of the book, because the most interesting thing in it – pictures. Over the years, changed preferences, begin to pay attention to the text but good illustrations is not. And no matter graced these illustrations of the book or just posted on the network, most importantly, to cling to and took in the strange world created by the artist.

Here are just a few artists and illustrators that are worthy of attention. Not enough time, unfortunately. Maybe someday we will list all, in the meantime, here is a small list of those who his work leaves no one indifferent.

Gennady Spirin

In the magical world Spirina your humble servant was in deep childhood, when he was under a hand has got an old, but incredibly beautiful book authored by renowned feminists and lesbians George sand. No, we are not talking about the famous «Konsuello», and about the glorious cautionary tale about the typical simpleton «the true Story of a simpleton named Gribul». So Ivan the fool, just too good and nasty just. In principle, for which he paid. It burned. There were people who turn into angry bees, and beautiful fairies turn into bees. But the juice was not anthropomorphic mutations, namely, as Mr. Spirin they were portrayed. It was something magical, reminiscent in its style paintings of Breughel, van Eyck and the Renaissance, only with a touch of the dense European fairy tales.

Watercolor paintings of Gennady Konstantinovich successfully exhibited in major exhibitions and are in private collections purchased for a lot of money because Spirin knows his own worth. It is known that since ancient times the genius of «Northern Renaissance» lives in faraway America, where it continues to operate to this day. One day I stumbled upon his work Madonna, who suddenly decided to become a writer. Her tale «Yakov and the seven thieves» connected with the life of a town in Eastern Europe of XVII century. And who better knows how to draw this magical era? Right, Spirin. That’s up to him and asked. However, the artist who, incidentally, never learned a single word of English, did not even listen to the idea of a fairy tale. Required amount, from which all the hair on her back stood up, and even translated into Russian fairy tale. For the sake of interest conditions of the shrew «bears» were performed. Work began, which brought even more surprises for lady Madonna. And trying to manage work, sending lawyers, explained to the artist how and what to do (they are not directly communicated). He had sent them away, as he draws immediately, without any sketches. Even wrote a letter, gently and firmly hinted that, like, girl, calm down, let the professionals do their job. And I did, but when I saw the finished drawings, was so excited that I bought the same the originals of all 36 paintings of Gennady Spirin, who, delighted, finally, her complaisance, painted gift – a portrait of the Madonna in a fairytale style with a young beauty rides a black horse-the horse on the background of the medieval city. This story is notable for the fact that with Madonna at that time already a long time no one argued. Sperino but it was still. That’s what a freelance artist, convinces the power of creativity.

Julien Paco

If Spirin is the embodiment of fairy Renaissance Frenchman Julien Paco created his own style at the crossroads of surrealism and cubism. It can be to blame in imitation of Salvador Dali, but what the hell, my friend Vasya Pashutin, liked to paint fences abstract reproductive organs, is also accused of imitation of Dali. Especially after he was put in a psychiatric hospital. Paco is a very unique artist.

In the early 90s he realized that he loves to experiment with images in Photoshop – so began his career as an artist.

In the past Julien has been an astrophysicist, famous snooker player, a hypnotist and an Esperanto teacher, (which is unusual). Now he is an artist who works only in a fit of inspiration. Very, almost too creative person devotes his main hobby is travel, combining the work of people and landscapes so that he and Terry Gilliam would be jealous of, cyriak Harris, and all would take a double portion of LSD to create something crazy. He is inspired by Magrita, Gave the film and his long-standing dream to travel through time. However, all this is clearly read in his futuristic paintings. Paco is such a visual storyteller with a great sense of humour and a huge craving for geometric shapes. However, it is not necessary to search here hidden meanings in the style of grandpa Freud. They just make the necessary balance or imbalance in the fabric. I’m telling you, as an artist, the artist.

Among the most well – known illustrations- the cover of the book «1Q84» by Haruki Murakami.

Benjamin Monty

Ben Monty is a black humor on paper. Grotesque, rude, strange and yet not devoid of charm. From these drawings and breathes old England. One gets the feeling that the artist do not care about the result – all too casually. He does not care on what to draw, though on the reverse side of the receipt. However, let us not so categorical. The guy is trying. Trying very hard, otherwise we would not talk about it.

Mateusz Kolek

And they say that poles have a rainbow black and white, but the word «whore», they have nothing else to say. So, shamelessly lying. Young Polish Illustrator Mateusz Kolek tries to prove it.

The work of the Illustrator is not ordinary. It does not try. All those giant mushrooms, purple tadpoles and strange vegetation, similar to the human microflora in the multiplication, make us think one thing: what’s going on in the mind of this Polish?

But nevertheless, all very nice and pretty.

Someone will say that due to global popularity of Japanese animation, of which Mateus certainly drew inspiration, these works look trite. Even so, it does not detract from their beauty and charm.

John McNair

American artist and Illustrator John McNair demonstrates a unique style of drawing, which is based on surrealism and the Gothic imagination. Black-and-white palette of his creations stuffed with forest spirits, the risen dead, the unknown mysterious creatures and scenes of battles with mythical beasts. One gets the feeling that the artist is no stranger to Satan, or loves clips of Chad Vangalen. However, the works fascinate the devilry that they present.

Andrei Pervukhin

A little more about our compatriots.

Andrei Pervukhin, hiding your real name under the sonorous pseudonym of Pervent is probably one of the most respected young illustrators who are lucky enough to be born in Russia. In his works occurs as juicy fantasy (especially failed drawings on the theme «Lord of the rings») and military themes with burning tanks and machine guns instead of swords. Easy Voronezh guy, became the owner of several dozen foreign and domestic awards. It literally grab both domestic and foreign companies and the art community.

Andrew Feres

Animate urban architecture with a human touch, a stunningly beautiful surrealism, very suitable for decoration of book covers, and an aura of sadness enveloped each of the images is all that can be said about the works of a wonderful artist Andrey Perizzites, better known under the nickname «25 images». His surrealist work filled with extraordinary depth and wealth of fine detail. It’s not a simple bizarre details: each of them tells its own story and pulls deeper, to plunge into the atmosphere of the quaint landscape.

Andrew draws on a Wacom tablet in Photoshop and makes it just gorgeous. Every detail of the picture has a soul. However, what this talk, see for yourself.

William Blake

One of the most significant artists and mystics of the last century also marked on the illustration field. His pictures always reminded me of the story, so the illustrations were a matter of time. Especially notable is his work on «the Book of job». Twenty-two prints is nothing but a figure from memory. Blake sketched his visions, which he has in his mind, mostly at night. Thus arose a large series (over a hundred) pencil drawings titled «Head of ghosts» with portraits of many historical, biblical, mythological and literary characters, among whom there were also job.

But not a single job nice this hoaxer. Very cool, especially for 1827 look of his drawings to the great «divine Comedy» of Dante, despite the fact that the expression of the snouts of some animals cause laughter than horror.

Vladislav Yerko

Vladislav Yerko something similar to Spirina: his illustrations graced more than one book, and most of these illustrations in the spirit of the Dutch school, often say more than the text. Perhaps the most famous – «the Snow Queen» – seen by everyone. But few people know the name of the author.

His works are notable for remarkable detail and variety of colors. In addition, Yerko was recognized as the best Illustrator of books about Harry Potter.

Vladislav and illustrations for books Coelho publisher even released an album, explaining that «in the multiplication in the drawings appear all new and new details.

By the way, not all the work of the Ukrainian masters have different brightness. His illustrations to the eternal Shakespeare’s «hamlet», on the contrary, characterized by excessive gloom, but they don’t look worse.

At one time he claimed to be easier and not draw attention. Fortunately, Yerko did not listen to persuasion and created masterpieces that still satisfy even the most demanding request.

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