Illegal drugs and their useful properties

manygoodtips.com_14.12.2014_zD1r07NL0eMhHDrugs are banned not just, is especially difficult. These substances can derail a person’s entire life, deprived of all that was and could be important. But some of them, like Darth Vader, is not absolute evil, just a little do not understand. And sometimes they can help in an area where they don’t expect it, namely in medicine.

1. Cocaine treats wounds from childhood

Cocaine, in addition to its other known properties, is a powerful analgesic and vasoconstrictor. Therefore, if your future son playing football, fall and severely break his knees or head, you need first of all to RUB his face on cocaine. The chemical composition of an illicit drug makes this powder a powerful tool for anesthesia, which starts to act in less than two minutes. Further, cocaine is able to significantly reduce or completely stop the bleeding, because it is a powerful vasoconstrictor substance. Pediatricians do recommend the use of cocaine to treat children’s cuts, but the pediatrician’s office about it nothing really worth mentioning. For treatment of serious injuries on the head, face and neck in children doctors use the TAC (tetracaine, adrenaline, cocaine), which contains 11% of white powder. TAS the injection is virtually painless, unlike conventional anesthetic, plus the mixture does not deform and does not distort the wound, thereby reducing the chances of the appearance of scars.

2. LSD for alcoholism

For the past month you’re drinking day and night without rest, come off a TV only to piss or to replenish their stock of «Budweiser» in the nearest kiosk. So, one day upon entering the house after another RAID on the liquor store, you find his entire family gathered in his apartment. Concerned relatives eagerly begin to lecture you about the dangers of such a lifestyle. They talk about how worried about you and all they want is for you to come to his senses. Well, then, grandmother pulls out of LSD, talking about the fact that taking acid would help you quickly pull yourself together and defeat the green dragon. Dude, it’s not Hello to your went on sorokogradusnuyu light proteins. After you stop talking to the universe, and from the walls to jump out dancing unicorns, the chance that you reach for the bottle, minimum. Since the 60-ies, were conducted large-scale research, when during the treatment of one addiction for another interrupt. Those patients who were given one dose of LSD, I felt more confident, happy and satisfied with their lives suppressing those feelings in the first place and led most of them to alcohol. The effect lasted about six months, and almost all the participants (about 500 people) during this time never got into the bottle. Doctors say if the drug would be legal, and the patients come to the clinic twice a year for a new portion, then in a few years they would all have forgotten what is alcoholism.

3. Heroin helps women in labor (Oh, and by the junkies)

Imagine that you and your friend rush at all stages in the clinic, where you already waiting for the enhanced methadone maintenance therapy. But suddenly her water breaks right near registry, and you ran out to meet the nurses shouting: «put the heroin! Both!» Okay, now back to reality. You’re probably aware that heroin is an opiate is a type of drug that is widely used as a pain reliever. Heroin is much stronger than morphine and starts to act within minutes after ingestion. (Drum roll) the national health system of great Britain recommends providing heroin to all expectant mothers who suffer at the battles, and people, which are difficult to recover after surgery. In the first case the child is in the process of emergence into the light of God, so single dose of the drug will not hurt the baby and will not cause dependence in women. Plus, some rehabilitation centers provide medical heroin to the addict, which doesn’t help the methadone therapy, thereby protecting them from attacks in bad neighborhoods for a new dose at the same time weaning from the «white Chinese».

4. Ecstasy as first aid for post traumatic stress disorder

Well, everything is easy, and the reason is obvious: ecstasy, like many of its narcotic counterparts, hormonal release huge dose of serotonin and oxytocin in the human brain, causing a person euphoria and sense of relaxation that helps people who are in a state of PTSD to cope with severe mental illness. Also, being under the influence of this drug, patients much easier to talk about the horrors in therapy, which is key to a progressive treatment. MDMA activates the areas of the brain responsible for controlling fear and stress, then reducing and blocking the negative emotions, memories and feelings, helping people to live.

5. Meth helps in the treatment of obesity and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

And the last example: suppose you’re a fat student who is unable to focus on any lesson and constantly because this gets the pair. You are slipping into depression, just like your success, while filling the void in the soul of burgers and fries. No drugs. You’re not even amenable grandmother and refuse to try strong of meth it’s cooking. You’re fat, but conscious. You go to the doctor and he prescribes you… met. That meth helps you lose weight, know that all who watched «breaking bad» or «Requiem for a dream». The drug «Desoxyn», distributed in the United States, is the purest form of the goal, and it is prescribed for people with overweight for quick weight loss, but for obvious reasons, the course of treatment is quite short. This stuff get hooked easier and faster than you can say «big Mac». It is also prescribed to treat ADHD, which is a bit strange, because the symptoms were practically the same as the meth heads: tremor, irritability, poor memory, no concentration. But our brain is still full of mysteries, and, as it turned out, this drug, like other stimulants, helps to regulate chemical substances, called neurotransmitters. But only under the strict guidance of experienced and caring doctor. In any case, dude, you should not self-medicate, buying drugs bikers who hang out behind the garages in burning trash cans.

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