I’ll decide how to have fun


Recently, the author of the text went bowling and realized that bowling sucks. Not found it no fun to roll a heavy ball on a buttered smooth track and watch as it hits (or misses) in pins. The situation was complicated by the fact that the track was booked for two hours, and entertainment are very quickly turned into flour. All this led to the idea of the author: I wonder how many people come here to have fun, and instead suffers? We all know how to have fun or not?

1. Have fun as you can

We very often do what you don’t want. To work and various commitments to friends and family is acceptable, no doubt. However, when it comes to entertainment and free time, the habit of such behavior becomes a real problem. Social pressure and conformism is a powerful tools. They can convince and make us do for entertainment that we are close and do not consider fun. Why? So it is accepted. Well decided to do what I do! Decided to take a bath and get high from it. Made to dance in clubs under a third-rate mixes. Decided to leave in pubs thousands of rubles. Well, let it be made, man! Doing something for fun only for the reason that it gives pleasure to other, is the destiny of dull omejec. If you like having vypechennye cupcakes, bake. Importantly, joy.

2. Entertainment should be fun

If you follow the logic (and I prefer to do it as often as possible), doing what brings you pleasure, you get pleasure from. Just think about your usual concept of entertainment. You always do exactly what enjoy? When drunk to the point of exhaustion, or watching the game, this really you like it? Do you understand something in the rules of the game and sincerely wish the victory of any of commands? If not, then no point in doing either. It’s like trying to get into someone else’s skin.

3. Look from the side

It is always interesting, especially when he is using have outgrown. It was the case when I tried to fit in one snobbish circle. Why did I do that? I was alone in a foreign country and passionately needed in human communication. Available there was only one option. What? People that discuss only serious plays, serious books, serious movies and serious music. People that laugh at what’s supposed to be funny. It’s hard to explain, but easy to see when you meet such characters in life. They won’t listen to what you really like the latest album of Rihanna, and better tell you anything about chamber music (even if they well appreciated the album, I admit is still not comme Il faut). They will never laugh at your absurd joke, because they have a very good sense of humor. So. The desire to fit into any alien you a range for profit is a meaningless exercise. Why do it? Really want to fit the chosen type? So want to have fun that they even pretend that they have fun when they are barely catching up with what’s going on? Don’t have the guts to tell others that you don’t like what the company does at the moment? In General, this method of self-deception, which will deprive you of happiness and pleasure, and leave in society strangers to you people. Why?

4. You have the right to do what I want

If you get something fun, don’t stop doing it only for the reason that someone doesn’t like it. Kill and rape people doesn’t count, everything has its limits. However, the main idea, you understand. No one is allowed to Rob you of what brings you joy. In the end, you only live once. Everybody needs an outlet — and you need. Who interferes, let him go his own way, or learns to accept you for who you are, because what the hell, why do you have to change? Like making model — draw. And let them take up space — buy them a separate wardrobe. Your business. Likes to run in the morning run. Get over girlfriend your alarm half an hour earlier. She then brags about how good you look. For any who do not adjust to, or you will lose value for them. Incidentally, the Golden rule.

5. Don’t be social zombarey

When we speak of conformism and social norms, it would be nice to think the kind of motivation that moves society, when it wants you to behave one way or another. Some trends, of course, go to the society for the benefit to follow them well. What, for example? The same fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Who’s bad? Other trends are not so altruistic, because you’re taking us God knows what. What? Oh come on. The tolerance to fatty, the aestheticization of fast food, finding a common enemy — thousands of them.

Some marketing campaigns are created to motivate people to have fun. Marketing greatly affects the society. People drink this beer because I see it on advertising posters, and their friends also drink this beer. Easiest way to identify the guy with no opinion is to find a categorical guy who defends the advantage of one thing over everything else. If you’re doing something because other people do it or do you think that doing this is cool in itself, most likely, you made the choice himself. Otherwise, the cause would be more logical and meaningful.

6. Fun broadening your horizons

Never know what you like until you try. For example, many do not drink the so-called «feminine» cocktails because they are sweet or fruity. And you try, suddenly like it. In General, try as much as possible just to understand what really enjoy. Try a strange food. Watch movies, when you suggest, even if they don’t give you confidence. Try. Suddenly get.


Have fun doing what you like and don’t listen to nobody. Common sense will still tell you when you go too far, and in a Bathrobe for a funeral, you already precisely will not go. Don’t do something to fit in. It’s your choice.

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