Ilf and Petrov: two different people in one author

– Ilya, do you think we should leave Bender alive?

– Right, okay. But it is better to kill. Or leave alive.

– Kill? Or keep alive?

Yes. Leave alive. Or to kill.

– Zhenya, You are an optimist of a dog. Jack, do not cling so for this place. Discard it.

– I’m not sure…

– State-o can handle, because it’s so easy! (snatches out of the hands of the pen, crosses out the word)

– Here you see! And You suffered.

So the work went over every fragment of the book. Any of them has caused a dispute hoarse, probably, so still that the «Golden calf», «12 chairs» are a success. Because every word is weighed and considered. Here’s what he wrote on this occasion Petrov:

A terrible row the night in the town of gallop, will. Cried for two hours. Insulted each other the most terrible words, which only exist in the world. Then they started to laugh and confessed to each other, thinking the same thing – after all, we must not quarrel, this is nonsense. After break up we can not – will die a writer, and still can’t go, then nothing to fight.Although what is really there, objectively speaking, the «Alpetro» left to the reader’s diet. There are many reasons, one of them – the older generation know the novels by heart. And reread that, and so I know very few people loves. No one, therefore, reads «Crime and punishment» along with «Eugene Onegin». But on the other hand, the novel is very much away from the realities of the time. While reading this masterpiece at the age of 14 years, immediately upon receipt of the passport, I was amazed first of all with humor, cautious cynicism and all that sheepish charm Russian-Jewish tandem.

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_icrHfo7N8LtO2By the way, about the author. To compose an autobiography of the author of «the Twelve chairs» is quite difficult. The fact that the author was born twice, in 1897 and in 1903. For the first time – under the guise of Ilya Ilf and the second Yevgeny Petrov. Although what’s really there, let us speak plainly: under the guise of Ilya Arnoldovich of Visalberghi and Yevgeny Petrovich Katayev. Both of Odessa, both wrote satires for «Crocodile» and «Truth», both had an incredibly sharp wit and style, and… this, perhaps, the similarity of the two personalities inside of one big author’s ends.

For example, senior fellow, Fishelberg, comes from that wonderful, shrouded in myths, tales and stereotypes of people who, in fact, created the mythical and witty original glory of Odessa. Quiet talent or, as we say in Odessa, shmuck could not to connect his life with the authorship, and would have continued to work in the drawing office, or telephone exchange, or in a munitions factory. But directly he began to scribble in the Odessa Newspapers, where thanks to an innate wit and observation materials wrote humorous and satirical character, mostly satires. His end was sad, but the dawn of a career pleasing in the extreme. Just like they created the heroes: Panikovski, Bender and the others whose names became a household word. Tragic end had overtaken him no less talented brothers. One of them is SRO (do not laugh at foreign names, it is indecent) – became world-famous photographer and artist-cubist, his work pleasing a capricious public. But unfortunately, alias Sandro Fazini not concealed his origin, for he was lost in Auschwitz. The other brother – a Soviet graphic artist and photographer Michael (aka Moishe) – died in evacuation in Tashkent. Remained only modest, however, continued nice talented family.

Incidentally, the name is an acronym of his Hebrew name. Perhaps some kind of stunted mind would think that the author is making too many remembered the word «Jewish». But first, from the song words can not erase, and secondly, is there something wrong? In the novel a lot more Jewish than it may seem.

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2015_FhKMDGxfLdydIBut Yevgeny Katayev was younger, but he lived more interesting, though, and risked it at every step. His first literary work was the Protocol of examination of the corpse of the unknown man. All because 3 years Petrov worked at the Odessa criminal investigation Department, where happened a very strange story. Was Eugene Kataev an old friend – Sasha Kozaczynski. The usual daredevil, cocky shmuck with big ambitions. Travel to Odessa and ask what was Kozaczynski before the revolution. He was just a noble worker of the criminal investigation and continued to seek his place in life. And then began our Sasha simple noble bandit. Hunted they are great, but the trouble is, covered their valiant chekists headed by Kataev. Kozaczynski surrendered to the other, and for good reason. Old Odessa trick: make a man pleased, especially if he works for the government. Here is Kataev, already being in Moscow, added the lost friend in «beep», and then forced his already venerable a leading journalist, to write a story «the Green Van» which tells them about the Odessa case. Surely you were watching an old movie with Kjartan shot in this scenario.

After so many adventures disparate parts have finally been able to meet in Moscow in 1923. Two talented scribblers fast friends and discover they have similar interests and a desire to work with each other. Here they wrote satires in collaboration. Why not wipe out large forms? Especially as Petrov… by the Way, the reader might ask, why Petrov if he Kataev? And it’s very simple: not one Ilf the brothers were talented. So Eugene was the brother of Valentin – the student Bunin, became a respected writer who lived a violent life in the revolution and wrote such works as «the son of the regiment» and «lone White sail». Here Petrov thought that the two Khataevych can not be and changed simple Russian name for even more, just outrageously, the Russian Petrov. Exactly bro Valentine threw two authors the idea of such netlenki as «12 chairs». It’s very simple: big brother has already been known at the time the writer decided to use brother and his best friend as a literary blacks and not for «the weight of gold». They say, write and I will correct. But when after some time Ilf and Petrov showed him the fruits of their labors, he realized that at least unethical to take away such a masterpiece turned out to be such talented authors. And the book was catchy first sentence:

In the provincial town N there were so many hairdressing establishments and funeral home that it seemed that the inhabitants of the city are born only to shave, ostracise, to clear my head a liquid and immediately die.Although the Ilf has described the experience of writing this:

We sit down to write «12 chairs».

Evening in the empty Palace of Labor. Absolutely no idea what will come of our work. Sometimes I fall asleep with pen in hand. Woke up from the horror before me was on paper some huge crooked letters. Such, perhaps, wrote Chekhov Vanka, when writing a letter «the village of my grandfather». Ilf went on the narrow room of the fourth strip. Sometimes we wrote in profotdel.

Surely there will come a time when the manuscript will be finished and we’ll put it on the sled. It’s going to snow. What a wonderful, probably feeling the work is done, nothing else to do.

Bender was conceived as a minor figure. For him we had a saying – «the Key to the apartment where the money is.» We heard from one of our friend who on and was put in the form Iznurenkov. But gradually began to bulge from cooked for his part, acquiring increasing importance. Soon we were no longer able to cope with it.

The debate about whether to kill the Bender or not. Lottery. Then we regretted our hero. Somehow ashamed to revive it later in the «Golden calf».

When the novel was finished, we put him in a neat folder and on the back cover is pasted a note: «if Found, please return at such and such address». It was the fear for the job that spent so much effort. After all, we have invested in this first book everything I know. Generally speaking, we both gave the book no literary value, and, if anyone of the respected writers said the book is bad, we probably would not have thought to give it in print.However, critics and readers with a lot of love received critical masterpieces, calling the original style «punch sword on high» (who knows, tions in the old days was called the neck).

And away we go. The screenplay for the film «Circus», and then the adventures of the Great Schemer in the company of Rogue Panikovski and Balaganov Shura in the monumental the Golden calf. The moral of all the works was such that not even seen the Almighty fable. This morality was really necessary for the young Soviet state. Although it was still anti-Soviet books of all anti-Soviet. Ilf and Petrov were journalists, and because all their characters had prototypes. They collected images and stories and thanks to the delicate composition put everything in its place, making a filigree masterpiece. Under their sharp composition was even Mayakovsky, presented in the form of the poet lapis Trubetskoy. So, Lyapis Trubetskoy is also here. Even in Nazi Germany in his own filmed image of the Great Schemer. No wonder the authors argued over every fragment.

However, the most main anti-Soviet book, Soviet journalists were «one-story America» – a sort of travel diary in the United States from one end to the other and back. Enthusiastic factories «Ford» and with some regret I watched the mass automation, they met personally with Roosevelt and talked to Russian immigrants and such outstanding personalities as Hemingway and Henry Ford. It is not known who who have generated more interest – the Russian reporters from the Americans or the Americans from Ilf and Petrov. Essays will not please everyone, because always there is a disgruntled writer commentators. But everyone loved the pictures taken by the Ilf. Yes, it was removed before it became… well, you understand. But today Posner was inspired to repeat the path of reporters on his second Home (the first is France).

But they didn’t care about reviews, you need to write a third book about Ostap. Moreover, many ideas literally bursting head. The book promised to be better than the last, but the fate of the villain, otherwise. Ilf in America noticed that he coughs up blood. After the return of his tuberculosis has exceeded all limits of decency. As recalled Petrov:

The trip to America. As it was written «one-Storey America». Disease Of Ilf. Everyone had told Ilf that he’s healthy. And I was convinced. And he was angry. He hated the phrase «You look great today». He understood and felt that it was over.Petrov ran every day to a dying friend to be with him in the eternal debate for at least a couple of lines of the new novel, because the time was less. But no luck: in 1937 year, Ilfa did not.

«In Moscow again. Talking about how nice it would be to die together in some disaster. At least survived, would not have to suffer.» — Eugene Petrov.Life has changed dramatically. Became at once not to laugh. I wanted to write something more serious, but the audience demanded sharpness and humor.

The difficulty of working in the newspaper. Many did not understand. Asked – why are you doing this? Write something funny. After all that was allotted to us in life is funny, we’ve already written.Missing my old friend, Petrov has conceived on the basis of the notebooks of Ilf to write the monumental work – «My friend Ilya Ilf». It required a great and long work, but again at the writers ‘ plans intervened harsh life. The war began, and Petrov went to war correspondent, in parallel having received a task to write the monumental work of the heroes of the war. But the third time something intervened in the plans of the famous journalists of the writer. Again the death, but this time the Petrov. In July 1942, the plane on which he was returning to Moscow from Sevastopol, was shot down by a German fighter over the territory of the Rostov region, near the village of man’kovo. If I knew German pilot whom he had just shot down! It’s not just the writer, and the latter is a fine observer of the human soul in this mess. This was, of course, that was harms and such were they – Ilf and Petrov. They wrote essays, which you either love or don’t read. And novels a miracle. A good sense of humor loved by all. It is in the satires, which are also worth a read to enjoy the author’s style, humor, and better understand how people lived that sad era.

N,and we will continue to repeat the phrase, firmly entrenched in our everyday speech without even thinking about what they utter such person as Bender, Vorobyaninov, father Fyodor and panikovski:

– No, this is not Rio de Janeiro! It is much worse!

– White pants.

– I was a millionaire. Dream come true idiot!

– On a silver platter.

– No need to applause! The count of Monte Cristo I did not. Will have to retrain in the superintendent.

– Kefir. Good for the heart.

The office «Horns and hoofs».

– Saw, Shura, saw!

– Don’t knock the bald head on the parquet.

Discovered you all sell, buy and sell again… but more expensive.

– The victim of abortion.

– Stuff you would snout, but Zarathustra won’t allow it.

– The master-mind and father of Russian democracy.

– I think that bargaining is inappropriate here.

– The mechanic-intellectual with secondary education.

– You can still give a key to the apartment where the money is?

– To whom and a Mare the bride.

– The office writes!

– Mu-mustache! Ready GU-u-Usik?

– Give the sausage, you fool, I forgive you!

– I have all the moves recorded!

– Not for personal gain, but merely the will that sent his wife.

– Sultry woman, a poet’s dream.

– Who’s to say that it’s a girl, let him first cast a stone at me.

– Money in the morning – evening chairs!

– The ice was broken, gentlemen of the jury!

– The parade will be me!

– Do you know who this powerful man?

– Monsieur, do not mange pas ICI jour (the only phrase from the French language, which is completely killed in memory).

– How much is opium for the people?

– Rude, kid!

– Well you to hell! Stay here with your chair! And I my life is precious as a memory!Yes and do all of them remember?

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