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There are many things that you need to send in a long journey on foot, because otherwise they will literally destroy you, turn on the wobbly piece of biomass and will walk on you, just a small herd of Buffalo. It looks like a trifle but it is unpleasant affect us as a whole. To embark on the path of improvement to be a cool dude and to achieve something in this life, you need to score some things, otherwise these «little things» will grind you to powder. So, friend, here’s a list of things to ignore.

1. Judgments of others

There are enough different people. Eat shit, there are good neutral to you — a lot of people, in one word. Everyone has their or like their opinion. And with respect to your actions, too. There are things that seem completely insane, there are things in society is not accepted. But if all these famous people in his time did not go against the will of society, it is unlikely that they have achieved something in this life. You have your own head on your shoulders, there is intuition, there is common sense, why not use them? None of your real friends will not put you ultimatums and talking about you behind your back. Do not fear the judgement of others, don’t think: «what dad/mom/brother told about this?» If it feels right, just do it!

2. Problems from the past

The past is hard to ignore, I know, but you should try not to pay attention to what it was before. Time heals, this is not pretentious phrase, simply with time you are getting care in the former, the old suffering, the old stocks, you will deeply care. The problem is probably that the old problems become complex. You can’t change what has already happened, so just look to the future and not look back. If you treat all past errors, mistakes, troubles as a life lesson (I understand that this is really hard), life becomes much, I repeat much easier. Don’t emphasize your mistakes, not scroll it all in your head. Attitude yourself correctly! Your past mistakes is in order that to build your personality brick by brick, to temper and do you. One way or another.

3. Small troubles of every day

There are days when everything goes wrong. So there were circumstances. It comes and goes. Stop banging your head against the wall, just keep doing what you’re doing. Go ahead, let it all go. Live right now is all we have left. Every day is a struggle for this day. Because seriously, there is no such days, when everything is just so perfect, you just don’t notice the small mistakes, and troubles, saying to himself: «Nobody spoil my day.» There are undoubtedly several ways to improve your mood in order not to ignore minor troubles.

  • Think about something nice, like Boobs.
  • Gonna have a nice Breakfast.
  • Go exercise or any exercise.
  • Try to worry less.
  • Work.
  • Laugh at yourself or tell a joke.
  • Get down early and try to sleep.

And all as arm lift — check!

4. Necessary pain during heavy work or moral growth

Pain is of two kinds: harmful, which makes us sick, and useful, from which we grow morally and as a whole become better. Understand that the pain is not bad, it’s either change, or a warning to the body that something is wrong. After a good workout, body is sore, right? It is a good pain, which suggests that you’re done, your muscles recover and strengthen, which means you will become stronger.

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I understand that not every bro wants to be where he is now, you can suffer from the fact that your ambition is not realized. Look, dude, life is not only apparent ease any achievements (although the spoilt children exist). Pain and failure is what builds character, because they just will not kill you but will make you stronger. Difficult situations build strong people, so grit your teeth and move on. You can’t teleport wherever you want, but you can change direction to reach the goal. Not every road leads to Rome.

5. A minor detail

Our goals, dreams and desires we keep getting distracted. It’s the little things, fine work is not the case and other troubles that prevent us from doing. Often it’s a hobby that we want to try, doing them a while and throw. There are people who have a lot of different things: they feed the homeless, volunteering to do, you draw (or pretend), role playing games, go Hiking, that is something master. You think these guys are great, but in fact they are throwing in different things and accomplish nothing in each of them. The dude enough to have a job; three or four hobby (that’s high, dude); the industry in which he is interested, and the PURPOSE he wants to achieve. Hobby he needs to Express himself and not be killed by the stress of work, areas of interest to learn more and evolve, and the goal needed for the meaning of life. So here is rest of stuff.

6. Impatient thoughts

Patience is not waiting for the sea weather. Patience — the ability to focus and keep a good attitude to overcome themselves and move to their goals, even when a huge block that you want to move, moves only an inch. Because it moves! Any job requires time. Rocking, painting, work, any hobby — achievements in any area takes time. Results at once it never happens. Need to know it. Your head will be various impatient thoughts in the spirit: «you should Throw it!» «There is no progress, maybe it’s not mine?» Progress will be enough to go forward, to drive the bad thoughts, ignore them to hell and to do what is done.

7. Things you can’t control

There are many things you can’t control. There are many things you can’t control, like people. The experience of history proves that quite a people can be controlled, but not completely. Never force someone to do something: it’s low, mean and can turn against you. To advise, to push the possible, but make no. If you have a problem, it’s time to think over the decision. Nothing is impossible to fully control, to be honest, you need to adapt and reduce the risk as possible.

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