If you’re single, don’t do this

You have many friends? So? Lucky you, dude! Not everyone can boast of such. In any case, there are times when you’re all alone there’s no one there to share your joys and troubles. In my head strange thoughts about different shit that you never did yourself. And not always it should start to do some activity looks at least suspicious, as a maximum frightening. If you do not understand what we are, then keep reading.

1. To drink to one

The first sign of alcoholism is the first item, because it is not particularly scary, but rather sad. But time on time is not necessary, and some drinking turns into a nightmare on elm street, complete loss of reality and dire consequences. Then it is a sinister thing.

No, most of us are teetotalers. But the culture of drinking we value, so writing on this subject so often. But the usual drink we don’t particularly like it, especially alone. We don’t mean just the drinking homemade alcohol inventory. It is about the planned transfer his consciousness into the power of the alcohol content of the Jinn. After all, and, worst of all, the joy of such «plugs» is very fast, to replace postopone is a condition that few people happy is not even in the sense of physical sensation, but in the sense of the moral sensations. From the side it looks awful. Imagine the scene when a lonely man in the apartment a single stack with the stack of empties vodka, especially without worrying about snacks or quality of the product. The goal is to get drunk on light 100%. But if you are out of control in this condition, do not be surprised consequences.

2. Solo karaoke

If you are a singer with your mouth, think about what it looks like your singing in a karaoke. A similar institution, the assured are designed for fun and recreation, not business. Many people have stage fright, but the fear of public speaking karaoke is irrelevant. Who sings the rarely sober, and rarely who boasts a beautiful voice. It turns out that this is purely for fun, pleasure, madness, relaxation.

But not everyone has fun in these places. Go to any karaoke bar in any day. You will definitely see a person with those «regular» customers, which is practiced and tear up your vocal chords. Some of them sing well, some sing terribly bad. Surprisingly, these people prefer to choose shit instead of music, sincerely believing that represent a certain cultural value to the institution. Although after the first song everyone is waiting to see when it will go to turn. I was in one such establishment, when the guy performed 6 songs in a row – dreary romances, which drove all the others into depression. Well, not for that karaoke bars, nobody wants to hear genius, you’re there, man, won’t find its audience. Karaoke is not a place for talents. If you want to entertain people with my art, I create a group, arrange concerts, stand with the guitar in the subway, if it is quite sparse with options.

3. Camping animation

The nursery, of course. Alone better on such shows not to go, it looks awful from the outside, even if you’re madly in love with all the disney redheads together or all of the Pixar writers. You imagine: healthy forehead, which has long been working three jobs, overgrown beard, very nervous and suspicious walks into a theater full of 7-year-old children. Do you think that people primarily think of it, if you’re a black spot in the midst of this kindergarten? Parents will be tense, you’ll get dirty looks. And if to hammer on all this hysteria, think about it: don’t you love it when children get on some kosher horror film full of great moments, but to follow the plot fails because children, as a rule, interfere with an adult?

4. One on the Playground

From the same Opera, but tougher. Here, the ambiguity disappears by itself. In the movie you could still go because the youth played in different places. What do you do on the Playground, buddy? So tired of walking, tired? Maybe you have a mustache of Mr. Harvey from «the Lovely bones»? In General, restrictions on sex in the face, but what to do – such stereotypes. To be honest, in the place of the parents we would have been suspicious of such things. Caution never hurts.

5. Food delivery

Everyone will ignore from time to time by our Board. Yes and many who will think we do not obey. And that is actually what it is. Delivery of food looks bleak if this food is for you.

You know, dude, we’re not ardent fans of healthy food. You’ve seen our recipes burgers, lasagna and fish and chips, right? However, it should hold a thick line between the food that you cook yourself, and food you order from any eatery. The latter, as a rule, is appointed it is inappropriate for a large company, which, in fact, do not care that there is a day of entertainment hell. If no fun, then it’s just your laziness, you have to push at the first appearance.

Cook of the house. We try, for example. Be healthier, even with our recipes and will keep their coins. Homemade food is cheaper than ordered, who would not say that. They say that a bad cook? Then study it! The hell has frozen patties that did not clear some of the stumps, it is unclear from what animal? Medication today is costly, so prepare, prepare and again prepare at home.

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