If you’re not a pushover, give yourself a second date

manygoodtips.com_10.12.2013_lXlGd5UaqILaTHow a woman decides whether she wants to go with you on a second date? Carefully analyzing your behavior on the ground. According to scientists, men over the first couple of minutes you know what is in the woman potential for a long relationship. In women it’s much harder (who would doubt! When they have been easier?). If you like her, you’re out of the skin all over themselves to please her. Of course, I can’t force you to dress well, smell and look, but I might be able to tell you what women feel on the first date and the basis on which to conclude whether to go with you for a second.

1. Was her questions

Women love to talk. The fact that women communicate verbally more often than men, scientifically proven. So what was her question: where was born, where he grew up, he works, what he enjoys and what was her favorite pokemon. Women don’t keep up with you: do not worry that the meeting will gently shimmer in the interview. She’s gonna ask you where you got that scar on your chin, and you can tell her how, in the wilderness he beat the lion with his bare hands. Joke! The point is that she will find what to ask you. It is necessary that you were good enough for her.

2. Be polite to other people

Women attentive to detail. Sometimes I think that in their world there is nothing important and it is built entirely out of small things. Now, she’ll notice. She will notice if you’re rude to the waitress or her clamped tips. Just leave it for tea is not coin, and a hundred rubles — all the better. Not to be rude to any person when going on a first date. And greedy too. Here’s two ageless Golden rule.

3. Pay for it all himself

Everyone knows how important frugality is. Economics, it seems, never is selected from the cesspools, the girl, too, just like you, and you are not so familiar. It is possible under such circumstances and not to pay on the first date — pay on the second, when you are sure that the investment is not in vain. In this way, many argue dudes.

When you get the bill, calmly take it in your hands. If she offers to split it, politely but firmly refuse it or offer her instead like to buy you a drink. However, if she insists and is already shaking from anger, offering to split the bill, I agree: what’s to argue, since she is so important. Maybe she’s acting out because he doesn’t want you to talk to you again?

4. Try to kiss her

Another invaluable tip: if you spent the evening together, and at the end you didn’t try to kiss her, it’s incredibly improve your chances to prove himself in the friend zone, and its inhabitants do not get a second date. You can even try something more meaningful, but it is a viable option — a kiss when walking her home or to a taxi.

5. Follow the rules two days

If you call her the next day, you risk to show her the size of his impatience. However, if the silence drags on for longer than three days, she will start to think you’re never going to call, and even start to convince myself that she didn’t care, finding for this variety of causes: your teeth are uneven, you showed up in sneakers (I always wear sneakers, let them wipe) etc to Withstand for a couple of days — the best option. What can I say? «Tuesday was great! Have plans next Friday?» And you are done.

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