If you’re doing this at work, it is ready to sign a letter of resignation

«You’re dismissed,» what a sad phrase. And because nothing can be done except to gather strength, to go to a new place and not to make the same mistakes. What? But, in fact, they are.

I come


It’s not the most common excuses, rather, the fruit of the brain activity especially the original staff:

– the cat gave birth to;

project boring;

– it is raining;

– I’m tired.

Now opticheck so opticheck. Okay, the cat is sacred, rain in some enterprises is considered to be a valid reason, especially if you have access to a Desk chair all through the town, which is not adjusted to strong rains and after the rain turns to Isengard after the invasion of the ents. But «project boring», «I’m tired»… Only one person in history could complain of tiredness and to leave work, but where was Boris, and where you are. Anyway not so important what you use to hang from employment duties, it is important that you are not in the workplace, and their duties did not fulfill. Such a shame can be washed away only with blood.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons to miss work, but it is not the birth of the cat, not the birthday dog, and not even a dream that you dead great-grandmother supposedly told to stay home. In most cases, even their own birthday is not that way. Employers are looking for candidates to replace them with talent and skills that will prove important to them in their workplace. In any case, they’re looking for it.

Work not for pleasure

Begin to keep an eye on the clock in 4 hours a day, counting the seconds until the end of the day? Constantly go out to talk to the «important topics on the phone? Late? Get out on your lunch break to lunch break? So help you God to keep your job!

Even in the world of flexible schedules and loyal employers is not welcome. Employers don’t care whether you have a personal life (except for those moments when your wife is your boss and demand to take the child from the kindergarten), tired or not. If the work is annoying, better to change it.

Before you can afford such frivolity, try to gain the trust and respect in the workplace. Then they will close their eyes, because you are a valuable exhibit.

My messages


Have you checked your page to «VK»? Replied to the last message? Did all the reposts? If your job involves social media, marketing or public relations, don’t use your phone or computer for watching videos, chatting with friends or making plans for the evening. Better take care of business.

It is clear that there is a job that involves a lot of time. Take the same administrators at the reception and… someone else. A very important profession, of course, but their smoke breaks – the dream of the miner. However anyone: neither the miner nor the administrator, nor the police, nor the carpenter, nor a marketer – it is not recommended to discuss their boss in social networks, otherwise, the next day you can pick up your things and leave the workplace. In social media nothing is hidden.

All wrong, all wrong

Here’s the thing, it turns out: give subordinates a variety of benefits, send them free of charge, a gym, and those bastards don’t love you. You see, the work is not as fun and exciting as it might seem. Hard they work, not like. You – benefits for doctor’s visit in a private clinic, you – benefits for learning English, you – not his wife give up, and they don’t like. Bored this Chmyr you out of kindness with no experience got the job! He’s lucky he’s not handing out flyers!

That’s what cry chiefs. The fact that the work is rarely a source of joy. Great happiness, if the two components are connected, then you can live without having worked a single day and getting paid for what you love. If no luck, hang in there. In the end, the head should not disturb your mood (although many for performance reasons, the production care about the mental state of subordinates). It’s not their job to make you happy.

Praise me, head

There is now a fairly common way to discipline children, when the child in specie is rewarded for academic success. However, psychologists believe that «bribery training» greatly reduces their performance in the future. Just the chiefs, not enough incentives. Prize is not everywhere, and the salary is rarely grows up.

In General, waiting for the mercy of a boss to your modest person – one of the main mistakes. Here, as with girls, the first step you need to do yourself.

Gossip and intrigue


Talking about around the water cooler at work? You dare to stand here gossiping about colleagues? What about your appearance? You have such srate face!

Many employers highly value in their employees such qualities as ethics and honesty. Work is not a platform for the contest of wits. Of course, if you’re not working a stand-up comic or a Muse by Sergei Drobotenko.

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