If you’re a dude uncreative

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2014_GA89VvYPBYdYzNoticed that it has become fashionable to be a creative person? Of all direct and rushing this originality, each trying to prove himself. We do not say that in their attempts there is something wrong. Just about creative individuals recall much more than about mere mortals.

We don’t care if you’re a creative guy or not. Important for us this incomprehensible injustice. If you’re clumsy. – this does not mean that you have to know the whole world. Get up in the ranks of the inept dudes, now we think about the things you can understand only you, the creative person let pass by.

1. You enjoy and move

You probably don’t even know how lucky you are. Surely you are not just advised another popular and interesting book, dragged to the scandalous exhibition, and more. So, when you’re faced with the high, then just catch a short buzz.

You don’t try to bind behind the ears shit sweetheart to something artistic and high. You’re watching the film and enjoying what is happening, rather than trying to find and decipher the secret symbols. You looked, you liked it – great!

2. You’re free

Artists and other pisun too self-centered. This quality prevents them from fully develop. They run the risk of forever seeing the world only from one side. They are ready to convince people that it is not a confirmation. And will always think themselves right.

If you’re uncreative people, that know how to achieve better performance and achieve success. All because he did not head in the clouds. Are you ready to consider the problem from several sides, and you didn’t confuse bipolar views.

3. You are practical

Creative people have a lot of pluses, but more minuses. No, they’re not bad, just a creative nature sometimes prevents their full inclusion in society. They know how to paint your portrait, but I don’t know how to keep their accounts, for example. You can even be proud that you are simple and clear, this life, because a creative person is sometimes difficult to come to terms with an established household nuances.

4. Easy if you make a decision

You don’t have 2 hours to think, buy this or that thing or not. You just take it and go to the cashier. Clearly you know what you need. And don’t even know how lucky you are, because creative people will run, to demand of the Council, it will be difficult to make a choice.

5. You have more time

More free time, because art occupies almost the entire life of the artist. If you’re not a creative person, then you have concrete boundaries between work and leisure, the creators of this is almost no.

6. You can easily accept the failure

Not my failure, but, for example, a movie premiere you’ve been waiting for long six months. You’re a little spoiled my mood, but not depressed, do not hate the actors and the Director, just go and eat a portion of spicy wings. You have long forgotten about the failed movie and enjoy a delicious meal.

7. You don’t have to Express yourself

Sounds silly and weird, but the way it is. I mean, you don’t have a need to Express herself. You just do your career, family, children. You’re not looking for recognition from the public, and just good at his job, and this is enough for you. Creative people are often dissatisfied with themselves and the world, in this respect you are lucky: you don’t pay that much attention to that.

8. You got your priorities straight

Sometimes creative people do not realize that there are things more important than art, that is not the whole world revolves around it. You have a cool head, and so it’s easier to make a correct assessment of things around you. You don’t go into the wilderness to create your own composition, you’d prefer to spend that time with family and friends.

9. Do you know what working day

When you come to the office, you know that at your disposal 8 hours. All these 8 hours you do work, and then quietly get home. Creative people can not only rely on their allotted hours. The creative process is easy to interrupt or even destroy the walls of the office.

Authors and writers often can’t just tune in. And blunt hours in the workplace. Therefore, they often hang in the office till night or till morning, they have no strict standardized graphics: it all depends on inspiration and other heresies.

10. You live for this

Often creative people are very often return to the past. We’re not talking about those dudes who still dream about a lost love. It is a common thing. Just many developers still think that they are the children that the youth should not end.

They are really depressing 25-year anniversary. They do not understand that are still young and have great potential. On the contrary, I believe that life moves inexorably to its completion.

11. You’re not worried

Many creative people deliberately drive themselves into a state of depression because of this depressing mood feeds off their art. Artists say that when they are bad, they have more inspiration and they want to create.

Your happiness in that you don’t have to deliberately drive themselves into depression. You have a shitty life, why should it be more complicated?

As you can see, to be creative, not always cool. So enjoy its unsaturated and not painted colors and flowery words of life.

Dude, whoever you are, you’re still in some degree unique. So don’t give in to the mainstream wave that tries to absorb all of the original personalities. Be yourself – this is your edge. Do not have to be a writer, an artist, a musician, but if you really want, and has the makings, then to develop their creative potential.

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