If you want to achieve something, don’t do this!!!!


Sometimes we are moving diligently, sincerely not realizing that just run in one place without any visible progress. We think that we will reach the goal, but it is too far away, rather, it is the same distance from us, which was yesterday. Of course, you always have the choice to turn around and go back. Especially if you know that your path leads nowhere. Actually, what’s the problem, just don’t promise yourself…

1. Go on a certain path of life just to meet someone

Sometimes we try to satisfy their loved ones, relatives and colleagues so that they were satisfied instead to follow its internal policy. We go to work that we don’t like, we go to University, who don’t like it there, and all this just because we want someone’s satisfaction.

And so we Wake up and feel like a regular day in our lives is lost. It is impossible to please everyone at once. Life is short to waste it on someone else. It would be necessary for themselves to live.

You’re the only person who knows what is best for you. Cast aside all those thoughts and try to be yourself. Because if you follow someone’s advice without hesitation, certainly you’ll be miserable, because do not fulfill his will.

2. To sacrifice the present happiness for future.

Don’t kid yourself that you should live every day like living Groundhog day. Dull, measured, and adventure without risk, in the future, all was well and peaceful. And in the future you shoot in the future everything will be cool.

Many people somehow believe that life in uncomfortable conditions in close kamerka-flats is a simple desire to secure a comfortable future. Themselves or loved ones. But when these comfortable conditions still come, we don’t feel the happiness, because for many years we have not had his corner where you can retire. You cannot postpone happiness for the future.

3. The focus and work without errors

Obsession with error-free work can lead to time reduction of work, or to the emergence of new errors. Learn from your mistakes. And actually learn, then their number is significantly reduced. Mistakes in life is largely inevitable, because we are not always ready for them. They need to accept and learn from them useful experience. By the way, do not forget that the restrictions on the ability to make a mistake is not the biggest limitation of all. What’s with the lack of freedom?

Must live comfortable. We must try many things, even make mistakes. Courageous act is when you admit your mistakes, and not afraid to implement them.

4. To try to fix the past

The past can’t be fixed, you know why? Because it is not? It has sunk into Oblivion! But there’s a real point that you can do better. Besides, the past is not broken!

Life is unfair to us, but why do you expect her to justice. If you understand that life is an adventure, everything will be much easier and more enjoyable. Think of it as a journey in which it is impossible to return to the starting point, and you’ll even be fun.

5. To resist the realities of life that do not meet our expectations

There is nothing to say that it should be. What is this concept such a «must have»? No one here owe you nothing. Made a mistake with the calculations start all over again! Everything that happens in our life, mind, man, absolutely everything, can not be called good or bad, it just happens, and that’s it. Even if it seems that something happens to you, it’s not happening for you, it just happens. No need to think that you’re the center of the universe: that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not around you.

From early childhood we are programmed to expect that life will be bright and rich, that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. But that doesn’t happen. If something does not meet your expectations, just stop waiting, it’ll never be the way you want! Such a life! Perhaps, then, you will find the happiness that constantly eludes you.

6. Trying to find easy solutions for your life

Easy solutions for life. As it so happened, that constantly just does not happen. You need to sacrifice something and go forward, otherwise nothing will happen. Forward! Forward! Forward! Achievements require time. As workout beautiful torso — a matter of habit. Constant practice in overcoming yourself, improving yourself becomes a habit. However, the rest should not be forgotten ever.

7. To obtain the approval and admiration of the wrong people

No one can force people who do not need you, to love you. But you can become the person that can be respected. For example, such as Walter white.


We care about some people, but not get them to back your concern, because we do not need them. So it is with attention, it does not return back, if we don’t need these people. Try to take care of the people with whom you have no feedback, a thankless task. Maybe it’s gonna get a shock: but some people you nafig not needed, even despite the fact that they are your friends.

Other «wrong people» — those who do not share your passions, and those with whom you have nothing to talk about. Why do they need you? And, they are relatives of your girlfriend! Be polite to them, but friends do not have. One more «wrong people» — those who don’t support you, get rid of them!

8. Wait for the right time

There is no such thing as «the right time». Perhaps it is in your head to justify your unwillingness to do something. Do something!

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