If you take carbs after a workout

Many people probably believe that quickly digested carbs are used to quickly build muscle. However, some people think that taking carbs immediately after training, people inhibit fat burning. Who is right?

1. Muscle

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_gDknwuGsPbLufThe idea of making a large number of fast-digesting carbs after a workout is that it increases the speed at which glycogen stores – the so-called carbohydrates, which are stored in your body replenished.

In turn, this process helps to restore tissue and muscles to grow. It’s true that muscle glycogen is synthesized faster if you take carbs right after a workout, not a few hours.

Frankly, delaying the intake of carbohydrates two hours after a workout, you slow down the resynthesis of muscle glycogen by as much as 50%.

But until then, until you get a good dose of carbohydrates for lunch, glycogen returns to normal in a day or two, regardless of when and what carbs are consumed.

Without a doubt, the resynthesis of glycogen is important for more productive work of muscles and also endurance. It is best to consume carbohydrate food within 8 hours after a workout.

You also get advantages when you exercise in the morning and evening provided that the sessions work the same muscles.

On the other hand, if you do not aim to perform the same exercises in a day, the urgency of glycogen resynthesis is greatly reduced.

In other words, while the rate of glycogen restoration is important for some people in certain circumstances, for most of us it is not. The idea that you need more carbs immediately after your workout to wildly grow muscle – myth.

And indeed, many protein products can cause an increase of insulin in the same way as do carbohydrates.

Whey protein, for example, has a much greater influence on insulin levels than even pure glucose. The increase in insulin from protein is sufficient to avoid the increased rate of muscle protein breakdown that normally occurs after exercise.

In one study, the intake of 50 grams of carbohydrates and 25 g of whey protein after a workout is not able to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to a greater extent than the intake of only 25 g of protein.

Carbohydrates can inhibit the breakdown of proteins, if you take only them and nothing else, or when you ingest these carbohydrates with very little protein (less than 10 grams).

But if you take protein in reasonable amounts after a workout, then carbohydrates are unnecessary. Muscle will not grow faster.

Besides, you will find little evidence that adding carbs to a protein shake has some additional benefits compared to a simple protein shake.

2. Fat

Zaradi.com.ua_27.07.2015_inmgsb67I3u4oYou may have heard that taking fast-acting carbohydrates immediately after workouts, thus you’re sabotaging your attempts to burn fat.

Studies on this subject are a little mixed. Some of them show that a carbohydrate-rich food after exercise inhibits the oxidation of fats, while others say that the connection between carbohydrates and fat oxidation no no.

A study published in the British journal of Nutrition, shows that fat oxidation remained high even when eating high carbohydrate (400 g pasta).

On the other hand, researchers at the University of Colorado has discovered a significant drop in the rate of fat oxidation when carbohydrate-rich mixed meal, which was used immediately after training.

It’s pretty weird. And accurate answer to the question: does the carbohydrate food into fat metabolism not.

If you really want to know the after effect of exercise and food intake in form of carbohydrates, you should observe a change in their performance within 2-3 months. The measurement of fat metabolism within a short period of time gives you a very limited view of what’s going on with you.

To lose fat, all you need is a deficiency of energy consumed. Until you eliminate this deficit, the body will not slow down your pace fat loss.

Overall, there is nothing wrong when you take carbs after a workout, but there’s no serious advantages. A big difference in muscle growth no fat loss too.

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