If you have enough eggs to try this cocktail?


Of course, the most popular «bloody» cocktail is a Bloody Mary. Of course, there is no blood, just a name, nothing more.

Cocktail Challenge event in Chicago, where bartenders from all over the state and even countries compete to prepare the most amazing cocktails, which in this case must be delicious. Just recently, the famous American site of fans of cocktails, we tried a cocktail with the pathetic name of » Reign in Blood, the key ingredient of which was… pig’s blood. Of course, this is not all that is in the cocktail.

According to, taste it ladies, cocktail tasted like… smoked pork. Then began a long taste of iron, which passed a few hours. By the way, these cocktails are very popular right now in America. They restore the deficiency of iron is very original in taste and in content.

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