If you don’t know what to do with my life

Work.com.ua_27.07.2014_sbTqcuyDAPazGSometimes we find ourselves at an impasse. Or at the intersection. From where you go depends on your destiny.

You can’t know what will make you happy, even after five years. But you know what makes you happy now. So you don’t know where you go next, and we tell you: follow your dreams, no matter how far it was. Here are a few reasons:

1.You can’t see into the future

Life is full of interesting twists and turns, but if we constantly put the things we like to do, be it work or hobby, it will make the journey more interesting and fun. Maybe now you like to do the shelves for the house. Maybe you can sell them. In five years you can become a successful designer, designer or manufacturer of furniture. Do you have experience of creating designer furniture that can help you with other projects in the future.

2.Be comfortable with discomfort

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you would like. Sometimes you don’t have enough money to do everything that you have planned. If you have something you really want to do, then you should be prepared to live in uncomfortable conditions. You might have to abandon many of the habits or change the place of residence, but it’s worth it to fulfill the dream.

3.Overcome distractions

Stop to postpone. You’re not getting any younger. I’m sorry, but it’s true. If you don’t find the time for the fulfillment of his dreams, then you’re going to end life with nothing. Do these first steps. Come out from your Facebook or Vkontakte and start working. You won’t get anywhere just thinking about how cool you could be.

4.Open the door

Opportunity may be knocking, but if you don’t open the door then how can you take advantage of this opportunity? You should use opportunities when they are presented to you. Sometimes it is not time, but it doesn’t matter. Opportunities arise by chance. Open the door or can go and knock on someone’s door.

The most important thing in the fulfillment of your dreams is action. You have to make decisions and to try — even if at first something does not work. At the end of his life, you will not regret that you did. You’ll regret that you didn’t have the courage and willpower to do what you now think necessary.

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