If you don’t know these simple truths, you probably know little about life



Everything cooked in the microwave will taste good. Spend a little more time to cook this dish in the oven. Stop buying food that can be cooked in a microwave oven. If the product can be cooked in 90 seconds or less, then most likely it is full of sodium and saturated fat, and this is very bad for your body.


If she likes you, you’ll know about it. This is true for both men and women. If you think that something awkward is going on between you, if you feel a certain warmth, that something between you is. Trust your gut instinct. Healthy relationships are based on good communication.


Your parents are sometimes wrong. It’s a horrible feeling when you go to your parents and realize that they can’t give answers to all questions. When you become an adult you already did make a decision, because, in the end, you live with it later. Parents, by nature, want to keep you out of trouble, and sometimes life requires us to risk.


Age is just a number of ardent years. You don’t know how much you have left. Change of work. Get a new hobby. Change of place of residence. You’re given only one life. Age is important only when you correctly spend you allotted time. Think of how many actually hours you lived. Did what I wanted.


Fear is just imagination. This is one of the most difficult truths you need to study. The only thing that keeps you from achieving goals is fear: fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of success and fear of responsibility.

6.The volume

Less is always better. Less packaging. Less fat. Less words. Less Justin Bieber, please.


Not everyone is going to tower, get a job, and get married. Some people get married and then go to University. Some people never get married. Some people never get a «day job.» Your life need not be along the beaten template.


Only the constant changes. By definition, in order to grow we must change.


You’re the only one who can make you happy. There are many people in your life who want to make you happy and they will try, but in the end they can only do worse. Sometimes you can’t change your physical state. You can’t control your emotions. However, you can control your actions.

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