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manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_14ygBNmEjG2zrWriter in Russia is reminiscent of a slave of the circumstances in which our is produced. But these circumstances are very sad. If you look at USA, Hollywood – Mecca of all filmmakers, and screenwriters in particular, the talent there is always honored, original solutions, strange plot twists will always find its Director. Even despite the huge size of the mass cinema industry, which can not be called otherwise as «popcorn», a stylish texts will still be someone, Yes.

There are as many as two full-fledged writers Guild East Guild West, which really protect the rights of authors in all sorts of issues: wages, contracts, plagiarism, etc. We have no such institution, although used various attempts to create it, mainly by private traders.

As in many spheres in Russia there are good writers, there are good scripts, but there are smart customers and decent pay for this work. Where they come from, when, frankly to admit that in Russia very few decent movie.

Based on the experience with large holdings engaged in film production, the producers do not need scripts in the following genres: drama, Thriller, horror, fantasy and other genre. What do they want? What is easier to sell to the Russian fan of the idiot: teen Comedy, Comedy series, well, melodramatic series that can last forever. Such do have a lot of orders, each series may write a separate person, and for some series all written almost by template, there is no originality in the story. And it could be considered just an ordinary hack, if it was not the only way of existence for the Russian writer.

The problem is that there are plenty of original scripts, did not wait in the wings, because the producers are afraid of failure. In this production dilemma: he can understand that he has a great script, but he doesn’t know if she’ll be able to attract a wide audience.

John Pipe, the writerdo not know how you will be easier if you suddenly decide to go in this area: to learn English and write scripts on it, with the support of a foreign agent, or to stay in Russia and wrote sortirny humor in the spirit of «Comedy club» all his life? Of course, you can go to the movies, but the money will not earn. You can also participate in the ambitious projects of the young have not lost faith in life Directors who want to do something worthy. Such projects in Russia appear once every three or four months. There and can pay well, but the risk to see an adventure completely unfinished big. In General, always been a problem for any initiative in the field of the filming of «cool» film in Russia for the inability to finish the job, inability to find sponsors, a wish that all you were doing for free. But enthusiasm alone will not live, so we watch from time to time some strange movies about alasady, Alcoutim and how cool and fun to be drunk animals. Russian Comedy that you wanted.

In General, there is still a favorite topic, like where to invest various production money. This so-called «action movie», a very strange wording which does not reflect the fullness of sadness representatives of this genre. However, it is possible to call these movies are just bad fighters, with absolutely trivial story that it is clear what the outcome in the first minutes of viewing.

But why this sadness? Who will make the industry better than ourselves? Judging by the fact that we are now seeing, anything new and interesting in this direction is not, and then if you still want to be a writer and earn for this activity, you must enter that system and try something in it to change, or to wait for a Director who will primarily be to think about how to make good movies, not cash.

First, you will still need to study theory, which includes General understanding of screenwriting, and a banal understanding of such words as login, synopsis, link, etc. All this is well documented in many books and articles which you will find on the Internet. It is now customary to use a more convenient American format. Therefore, you should read it and place their works in this way. If you provide a brilliant text by writing everything in a draft format, it is unlikely that it’s going to open up. It is necessary that the customer understand that you are well familiar with the topic, so at first it is important to follow all these technical details, including the right font, the right retreat, the right design.

Login conveys the dramatic story of the script as much as possible lapidary form.

K. Lockhartshould Start small, so as soon as something is ready, send for assessment of beta-reader (you can find them among friends, acquaintances, random people). Ask them to describe the thrill of reading. Once they realize their doorsteps immediately remodel the text. For the second version if you’re really sure, you have to look for a Director. Start, of course, with short films and any General genres. For short films it is easier to find a customer. They may be a graduate of any of the directing faculty (usually they need scripts on the thesis). And now with these steps to start, get comfortable, then take more serious obligations. Maybe some period of time you feel that you could adequately pay, you will gain a good portfolio, and you’ll finally be able to start more serious work. There will be more difficult, but the water wears away the stone, as they say.

This is a very useful and enjoyable experience – watch as your work takes on flesh.

Josh Stolberg, the screenwriterAt the moment in Russia was established the Guild of writers «September», which claims that takes into consideration the experience of the American Guild. So far everything is progressing very slowly, but why not to cooperate in the future with them? At least these guys give you the real contract and the opportunity to exhibit their texts for the competition. In General, what will happen in the industry, is not known, but if you constantly whine about what all has been wasted, and nothing but the whining remains, then the writer you definitely not be.

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