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Congratulations and confess love, not for the sake of clear manygoodtips.com – my favorite magazine for the past year. Well, I don’t know what to do, like not a jerk for a long time. And a head on his shoulders and life is not bad… but, well, let’s enter into the swing of things.

The problem is that I can find, say, in a sort of impasse–Toplice and just don’t know how to get out of it. Parents, particularly the mother, hard to believe, of course, but this is the man who is impeding my life, both personal and as a whole, and it’s not blind love, and a kind of female stupidity – just total control over everything that happens in my life since childhood, and no matter what I did, it would not have proved his independence: he went to other city, graduated with honors Institute, found a decent job, got out from under the hood of parental care, but it’s still not enough, I’m not satisfied, swearing is useless, useless to explain calmly: «I’m your mother, and you have to shut up and listen to me.» And father – well, a divorce and no impact on it. Ignoring is not a solution, to no good arguments. Yes, I admit, I’m not weak, not spineless, but it feels somehow incomplete, because I can’t find any Council for that man.

And it would seem, Oh God, what are you!? But problem number two – my girlfriend, or rather, her behavior in our life together. She’s really beautiful, business and not stupid, angel is almost, but likes to raise my emotions, and it’s pretty easy, I admit, but the girl is not a girl, if it is not able to do. Emotions are naturally negative, she should see what I in anger, and another, and, of course, to the good never brings. Without raising a hand, just shout with a string of obscenities and a couple of bruises and scratches on my body (the consequences of not self-defense, and attempts to get me). She even moved to tears says he loves me, but you can not do anything, although sometimes I think she doesn’t respect me as a man and allows himself such liberties… And after the last fight, she moved from me to my mother and in all ways shows herself Queen of the situation, what I blame in the quarrel, though it provoked. Thinks I should follow her around, although I don’t feel guilty and don’t want to do, but I love her, she mockingly plays into my feelings and said, «Say hi to our dog, kiss him, tell him I love him and I will visit,» and the question «what about me?» «Well, I’m gonna miss you». This despite the fact that we are not separated…

In short, I have no idea how I shovel this shit, because somehow it is not possible. In desperation I decided to write you because the tips you give very sensible, I hope, will help me.

The answer

So, dude, the situation is not simple with women is always difficult. And you do well on all fronts ambush. But where to go, try to understand and help you.

Let’s start with your parents, and in particular with my mother. The mother is sacred. We should be grateful for everything you’ve done for us parents, but if they don’t understand that their care and authority over you over just because you’ve grown up and live independently, then you need to explain it to them. Here, however, a small correction: if you’re financially dependent on parents, especially their rights is not shaken. If you really have an independent personality, then try to talk normally with her mother, explaining to her that her advice is wise and useful that it is often right, and that you’re grateful to her, but you’re a man, and must now go its own way. What would you, the town moved from the current means of communication you can get anywhere. So don’t run away from the problem, and untie her. Show your love and respect for mother, but also show her that you’re a grown man and should live his life.

But remember that some things parents are right. So do not neglect all the tips. In the end, they always want what’s best for us except in those cases where they impose their unrealized plans and even stifle our creativity.

In General, you need to learn to see the guidance of the mother, which is good for you and what is bad. Sometimes not immediately understand, but years later I thank parents for what they are, for example, insisted on the fact that you didn’t quit College or to play sports. In General, it is not always necessary to go against parents, and not always – on occasion.

Now, as for your relationship with a friend, there are two options:

1. Endure her tantrums: all of this takes place in many ways, and with age in normal people is. If the girl has brains and she needs you, she’ll stop you Troll and gain the same wisdom of women. With the woman you should be comfortable and fun. Small quarrels and clarify the relationship and strengthen these relationships. It is sometimes useful to argue, but it should not become the norm. Usually over time the pair lapped, putting up with the shortcomings and find a compromise.

Sometimes women do not have enough elementary attention. Well, so they are arranged one cunnilingus them happy do not, therefore, start to freak out and fuck our brains. So don’t forget about flowers in ordinary days and not just during the holidays, and small gifts. You can, of course, expensive gifts to give, but from my experience I would say, all sorts of stuff for women is also important.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings, you become less manly. Maybe she’s his tantrums just wants a confession.

2. Leave her alone. If in all your fights you’re really not to blame (think about whether this is so), if it starts them on the empty place then, dude, break this relationship. All this kissing dog – another trolling, dumb and stupid. Let him consider himself a Queen in your Kingdom, but you are not her page. Just ask her what’s her problem, discuss how you can work together to improve their relationship and promised each other not to go back to this topic.

If the relationship is a constant war, then they need to figure. Look for one that will you to calm the contrary, when you’re angry, not to provoke anger is not normal.

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