If the phone was in the toilet

Stop.com.ua_16.09.2015_7waAIsLJJX6tnLife happens, even that. Remember, somewhere in Africa one I dropped my phone in the latrine. A latrine in the African is no different from the Russian – a hole in the floor. Here the lady hung a phone on the fecal abyss, and has not coped with management, has admitted. It is noteworthy that she offered a reward to the one who will get the coveted device. It is clear that accustomed to unsanitary swarthy guys in the queue were immersed in a «stinking water Aida.» As a result of 3 lost consciousness, one drowned, and the girl received a prison sentence. Still do not know what is better: to get in an African jail or to dive deep in… in the hole. The phone was never found.

We hope that you all will be easier, and if he fell, fell into the waters washed clean (well as clean), a civilized toilet. But what to do next, let me explain.

First of all, get it

First, you have to man up and put your hand down into the bleak abyss. We sincerely hope that, in addition to water, there will be nothing. Nothing. Tim Robbins also was not easy on the road to freedom to Wade through human waste water. In a particular situation, you’re like a mother goose for your smartphone. Remember how many moments you went through together, how much money is spent on it… You’re responsible for what you own. So man up and save him from this disgrace. No one will know. Not get – will be a blockage.

Unplug the power

As soon as the got, unplug the phone, take the pulse, otherwise there will be a short circuit. If it was turned off, do not turn, do not need to check, works or not. It is clear that you do not want try in vain, but trust me, if you do not enable the chance for rehabilitation will increase. And it does not matter what kind of liquid splashing inside of him.

Oh, and of course, don’t touch him, if it is connected via the charger to the outlet. Imagine what will write on the death certificate? Not the heroic death – near the toilet with a crap phone in hand.

Immediately take out the battery and SIM card


Then immediately take out the battery is another right step to avoid short-circuit. If you have iPhone, you can just cut power. Few can understand «iPhone» without tools.

Also don’t forget about SIM card. Don’t let surviving on her contacts to disappear under the heavy damp weight of water and secretions. Well, iPhone owners, of course, there’s just nothing happening. But if you suddenly appeared close to the paper clip, needle or something similar, feel free to pick your tray cards. Seven to save.

Dry immediately

Next, the most important thing is to dry. Wool is better not to use – remain the villi. Better take a cloth or a cotton cloth. Many people think that tap water are the oxides, which interfere with the device. In the case of total bad luck in the cracks will remain and other nasty things. What to do in this case? Experts recommend distilled water. But where did you take it? Time for evaporation you have. Therefore, choosing the inventory tool for all occasions – alcohol! Pete Doherty and Igor Nikolaev approve of alcohol. Good need with the help of a watch screwdriver to disassemble the phone and literally bathe him in alcohol. It’s not scary, look at Ozzy Osbourne who takes these baths since the age of 14. The phone itself is to dip it in the alcohol is not necessary, just wipe carefully and gently, like you do the commercial of shower gel. Mind you, you do not blame before him he jumped out of your hands. If still jumped, turning to us. We know a good specialist.

Normal dry

Absolutely pointless to dry your phone with Hairdryer. It is fast, but inefficient way. Will only overheat the upper parts, and the inside was as moist, and will remain so. The same goes for drying with a microwave or oven on low heat. If you decided to play «Mythbusters» or give your device a form of charred frog shit, please.

So air compressor, vacuum cleaner, fan best to use as directed. It is as effective as if you took it and blew on your wet smartphone as a cartridge from the Dandy.

Drying grain


You probably know that then you need to put the phone in rice, because… because there’s a chance that rice will sit a Chinese boy that’ll fix it! In fact, rice is just great absorbs moisture. But not as good as silica gel. What is it? These little balls which are Packed in paper bags and put in shoes in order it do not decay. In childhood they are constantly scattered across the floor. The more packages the better. It is clear that not everyone will be typed and three, but do not despair. Put the device together with the SIM card and battery in a sealed container, add balls, close and wait. It is not necessary to be applied to potentially diseased areas, it is not a plantain.

And generally, in such emergency cases it is better to stock up on silica gel, the benefit to buy it is easy. It is cheap, and absorbs much faster than rice.


Know how long you need to wait for complete drying? From 48 to 72 hours! Not even 24! It’s even longer than waiting for their turn to see the doctor in the morning and surrounded by pensioners. So it is time to get your old, forgotten by God and technological progress Sony Ericson and to refresh the good times of the IR port and watching videos on a tiny screen. Then, it was quality porn, not the plot, but the very fact of its existence.


After the end of the waiting period will start the most anxious and exciting time – check. If not included, do not be frightened, may need to be recharged. If not, admit that you spent your time in vain, and that my favourite thing and get a Philips for 500 rubles, which is only two functions – call and text. And a flashlight.

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