If she knocks the shit out of you, it’s not the one

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2015_GPd1nq70NXuM4There are many opinions about what it means to be a «good girl. In this matter we all have our preferences. Someone thinks she should be beautiful, slim, charming, others believe that she should be obedient, humble and patient, and there are those who choose a girl purely practical intent: to cook soup, wash floors and manicure my husband to do, and maybe even to read at night.

All this, of course, good and brings a lot of convenience in life. And beauty for girls is almost a responsibility for men. But all this is not as important as you think. All these attributes of the character from the other world do not define «the same». And what defines it? But chemistry is the ability to knock the shit out of you, man.

And we don’t mean shouting and foul behavior inherent bitches. No. We’re talking about that much more intimidating. That will force you to lift your ass again and again, every time you fall.

These girls make you nervous, because they are not afraid of anything. They don’t want to put up with your habits that are pulling you down they don’t accept your excuses. Maybe you think they’re the most pain in your life. Yes, it is, they interfere with you to degrade.

To find such a lady is quite difficult, but if you’re lucky, you’re lucky. It will keep you on a higher level than you deserve. She don’t need no restaurants, no car, no gold rings.

It requires a lot more

She wants to see real passion and risk. «And she» wants Supreme devotion and presence, you have a big dream to which you will push. And live with her sometimes very difficult. It may seem that because of it you have a lot of extra work. This is called the Muse.

You will quickly understand what distinguishes this girl from all the others. She will think of you as her boyfriend hung on the title labels. For her you are a friend whom she respects, which is engaged in, with whom is struggling with this world full of endless challenges and opportunities.

You’ll be nervous and worried, while living with her. But it is this combination of emotions will give you real feelings. It’s like learning to dance, starting with a clunky, devoid of the sense of movement.

You need a woman who is trying to promote your ambitions and dreams, not the relationship to the next level. If she really cares about you, it’s not going to mince words, asking to marry or beg to have a baby. It is not important.

If she loves you, it will pull you out of bed to send into the world, waiting to be won.

If it is not to make you nervous, you’ve never come face to face with their own fears

Respect always carries some fear. It’s natural. When you have high expectations, you begin to fear. But these expectations can turn into opportunities, and soon you’ll be doing something that would never do, convinced that it is not in your power.

This girl will probably be no soft approach or the rules of etiquette, but she will be the one who will lead you to the top.

A good partner should show you how your dreams and opportunity can turn into something real. Imagine that you’re lost in a dark forest and I want to get out of it. So, without a lamp it is unlikely to succeed, and this girl is your lantern in a lifetime.

It will take away your ability to make excuses

She wants you to have not just a dream, she wants to make this dream come true.

She doesn’t play «mind games». She’s disgusted by skirmishes and petty quarrels over trifles. It will not make you a brain – it’s a waste of time, but can manipulate you, to push psychological buttons like you’re some kind of robot, and all so you know how far you can walk.

At the time, like your mother and ex defended you and tried to keep from trouble, this girl makes everything different. It adjusts you with a stick and will never say that you did a good job. She says: «You can do better.»

Spend time in praise and worship of your talent for it – bad form. Rather, it will help you score the next goal will be to applaud the previous one.

If she doesn’t inspire you, you’ll never be satisfied

If you’re not with a woman who makes you want to be better every day, then you are aimlessly living their years. It is not necessary to marry one day, not understanding my friend. A true friend creates a sense of integrity, if you were a single organism. Without it, you lose not just your daily sex, but its essence.

In General, if you found such a girl, don’t lose it. She’s your guiding star and the best thing that happened to you.

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