If our life was like a video game

The amazing world of virtual reality chic – sometimes you want to live by the law of video games, where everything is simple and familiar. And then real life kind of difficult. I’d like to transfer some features of computer games into real life. I wonder how would it look?


Work.com.ua_7.06.2016_qLR6t3uMRCBXDReally cool skill. If all people had this ability, scientists do not even pretend that you can’t develop a cure for cancer, AIDS and solve the problem of hunger. Because of the overpopulation of the planet would be such that the vast expanses of Russia overgrown palisade of skyscrapers. And really, how cool: I decided to try the puffer fish in a cheap Japanese restaurant, cooked one-eyed, with rotten teeth as a chef with a smile, Shang Tsung, life line sharply hollowed out, and you rise near the hospital, as if newly born. Decided to run the light – the same story. Too lazy to turn off light and wipe his hands, got to dig into the electrics and after a few moments you’re going from the hospital to his home.

Save, load

All of Us sometimes need to save before the decisive result. It would be like to live several lives, by spending one spring of the fourth year for merriment, and the second to preparation of the diploma. The hero Adam Sandler had a remote that stops time, but he does not give the fullness of power, when you slept with a girl best friend, and after the download, remember that only you. The main thing – not to run into AutoSave, otherwise you may need the ability described by the paragraph above.

Oh, how would our life changed! We were not men but Gods, we would have avoided so many mistakes. So much unnecessary, hurtful words did not reach the addressee, how many misfortunes could have been avoided. We could go back to be with people who are no longer around, dead. You would not be afraid to admit liking to the gorgeous girls, because you tried, and if anything can be done to return everything to the previous state. Learned that the girl was pregnant – I loaded a save for a couple of months before conception. Learned that the girl wants to leave you – uploaded the latest save, cried, washed away her makeup in the toilet and left her first. Imagine, a head of pours you the choicest obscenities and saliva, you mentally call the main menu of my life, click «save» and expressed in the form of obscene all that I think about it, then go back to menu, load a starting point and… And soul took and the work preserved.Because it is a true «flywheel time» with which to realize all his plans, stealing time for sleep and your Grand plans… But if a man of such luxury, he would have used it not rational as the Internet, forgetting to do the main thing – in time to survive.

Go as they please

Speeding, taking off the bridge – well, here’s your $ 22 bonus. Crossed the double solid? God be with you, still you’re the best driver. Drove around a traffic jam on the sidewalk? Yes, health, not only people day. About the principle of traffic in all computer games. You can turn, where you want! In what city you can rotate where you want, and even on the sidewalk!? And no problems with knights of the rod, and glowing Blues.


manygoodtips.com_7.06.2016_m6cSMl6ZBc66oExhausted under the weight of body armor and automatic, you frisky antelope running between the ruins of the school yesterday. Ducking for cover, you translate the spirit, wiping a trembling hand on his forehead oozed sweat. On top of bullets, leaving a resounding mark on the wall, and you decide to shoot. Sending the projectiles off to the side of the enemy, without aiming, at one point you notice that everything has changed. The air throbs, and you fall to the ground, noticing lying next to the severed hand. Body in fragments, the blood is not flowing stream, and boiling water from a broken heating plus a couple more bullets flew, one in the throat, the second in the stomach, kicked all of the colon. But nothing important hide and wait until the red circles in the eyes will disappear, and the life bar will be filled. Regeneration, like Wolverine, or rather, as in the Call of Duty in 5 minutes resolve even severe injuries.

To see the fantastic world


A world populated by elves, orcs and other fantastic creatures, or space scenery from scurrying in all directions, and foreign persons? War or peace, the past or the future – a computer game the only chance to touch unimaginable landscapes.

Change in appearance

It is clear that you see yourself inside a beautiful bearded thug, with a strong chin and a passionate heart. But the reality is that you pot two inches, liquid beard, and without tears you will not look. That would be a character editor like in the Sims or widespread artisanal plastic surgery clinics, like in Fallout 4, that life began. And just 20 caps. In reality you can change, and so at any time with a two-meter blond beauty turn into a dwarf with a horse’s head to take heart in the depths of petty crime.


You could be a woman and discover a new world. Or, tired of the physicality of his body turn into a fat and enjoy all the pleasures of gluttony, then, not visiting a gym again to transform into a human butterfly.


The main advantage of many computer games – you can speed up the usual process, as a long fight in the darkness or the dreaming process in Sims. If the work to take public transport, a visit to her parents was similarly to scroll. All the most boring in slow motion – is not a miracle!

It is clear that in computer games your the passage of time, and a couple of seconds equivalent to a couple of hours, but it would be nice to learn new information by simply opening the file. So you could just defend the master’s degree in all disciplines.

Endurance and physiology

Work.com.ua_7.06.2016_lJ94qPHw7RVe6To live without sleep, without going to the toilet and sometimes without food – incredibly productively and economically. In my memory there was only one game where you had to celebrate the physiological need. «Torente 3: El Protector. Trachtenberg in Madrid», where you had to run by Roman L. of the Spanish capital, masturbating and sometimes led the criminals. Only where this process was accompanied by the press. If in real life it would be possible to completely empty the bowel by pressing keys, many would go with pleased faces. Not to sleep… Go on a monthly quest to bars and the women rosy-cheeked. By the way, if the intoxication was like in the games rapid and was accompanied by minus the intelligence, that to drink it would not make sense at all.


Sometimes, doing repairs, see how much it all cost, and understand that a masters no money left. Undertake plumbing, but all you know is that the water goes down. And then you hint: «Take this», «connect here», «Hit that», «Tighten the bolt until the tube will not be fixed». It is better instructions, especially the instructions are not for anything.

Without prompting life would certainly be more difficult. Someone has to tell you that your girls after your dialogue with a classmate fell from «Adoration» to «Hatred», for the successful completion of the quest «Education» need to move their hands, and how to change the scenario of the game… sorry, life after accepting quest «So the spice of a normal subject, it is specifically bad to say. Tried everything that everyone likes. Let’s «break»».


Did you notice how pumped well in games: several similar acts, a few purchased expertise and you are guaranteed to get the bird in the head from 500 yards away without looking, one arm of the shotgun. If you constantly pump your career skill in the same Sims, 3 Fable and other pleasures, then you will get a large amount, you’re the expert.

But as in life? Learn an infinite number of years, pay a fortune, in courses in which more water than you’re worth, then go out to work, and you with your skills without experience do not take. Or take, such a beautiful but at a position much lower than you were hoping for. Where is the justice? Need to get in the game. Well, that skill is also on the machine has grown, and we know how you learn. If the skill «Mmanager» pumped to the maximum and accompanied by a certificate, and you will work accordingly.

The response options and the balance of the relationship to you

manygoodtips.com_7.06.2016_rfjwG8dcg57vcOne of the most valuable skills is to see the answers. In those awkward moments of life, when you look in the face and mumbling some kind of game, which sounds like «Hodor, Hodor,» recalls Skyrim, «Le Corsaire» – that any adequate RPG, where 3-5 response options guarantee conversation and hinting at consequences.

And it would be good if an invisible hand wrote in the upper right corner of your Outlook on how to change the attitude of the character. To know whether to continue to fight for its location and carry out quests or take quests from Madame with fewer queries.


Especially The «artmoney». Sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes you want to enter the code that completes the mission, it would be useful for military service and of lawsuits.

Weapons without a permit

Well what can I say. No permission, no visits to the psychiatrist. Just went to the elf-merchant, bought the bow and bastard sword, and go in search of adventure.

Addictive gameplay

And no, my friend, it all depends on you. Maybe your life will be brighter than Tycoon City. Don’t like the script? Write it yourself, nobody’s stopping you.

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