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Good time of day, dudes! Thank you all for the work that you do, always interesting to read, and sometimes crazy. But now I have an important question. First situation: Dating a girl for a year, everything seems fine, love each other, but she hates my parents and hates it when I’m at home with them (student, living with parents). And she wants deadly curse on my parents. So here’s the question, or rather 2:

1) is it Possible to curse people a normal girl who hates these people?

2) Generally, is it worth all this to continue? (I like her a lot to have a good time, but my brain has hurt so much to fight.) Thank you very much!!


Bless you, man! And very happy you decided to tell us about your problem. And rightly so, damn it. Hope we understood you correctly, and our advice will be useful to you. Although he does not give the full answer, otherwise it would be too easy.

So, divide our reasoning into two parts according to the number of questions.

– Yes, probably. And moreover, hatred is also possible. Start to understand why she had this reaction, maybe you do not see? Who knows, maybe while you are going to order a pizza to the nearest hotel, your ancestors grind the bones of your friend, and she just does not want you to talk about it? Trust me, happens all the time, and we are witnesses.

And if this is excluded, the reason should still be. And there are several options, one of which is simple – your girlfriend already wants to live with you, and so she pushes you to find a job to pull all the sails. You will think: «Easy to say!» «But it’s really not particularly difficult» – we answer to you. And then her aggression towards your parents can understand, although it still boiled her. The second option explains nothing, but is found everywhere. Why would she do that? And just like that. All people have been going nuts, how can anyone, and you are no exception. Here it manifests itself as hatred of people she may not even really knows. You’ll have to deal with it.

– Move on to the second question. We would have told you: «of Course, should continue, since you yourself admitted that you love her and you like to spend time with her». But the brain is a sacred thing. Here it is necessary to take a few days off and travel, for example, in the mountains or in the forest all alone. To refresh your thoughts, clean out the skull and think about it, weigh the pros and cons and only then make a decision.

Often people confuse affection and love, therefore, suffer breaking brains quarrel every day, believing that the girl is «the one.» This is a big mistake that leads to a full life of sorrows. All, as the famous comedian and gorgeous musician, Tim Mićin: «If I didn’t have you to lie next to at night and when I’m sad, if I didn’t have you to share with me my sorrows, to kiss me and wipe my tears when I cry, then I guess… I was someone else.»

Privacy will help you to solve this issue. Again, take advantage of the great wisdom of all times and peoples – put yourself in the other person. Perhaps then you will better understand his friend, and would be able to find a way out of this situation without resorting to drastic measures. But just to say one thing: your parents should not affect your decision. Now you’re a student, but will soon cease to be. You need to be, and not looking at what they think about your ancestors, and what binds you to the past. People do have aversion to each other, and it is quite normal. Well, if you have already figured out, what is the specific reason for this behavior of your friend (which we can’t know, unfortunately), it’s time to make a decision, as in every relationship, there’s a probability or ruin your life, or, conversely, to decorate it.

Good luck to you!

PS by the Way, if by the phrase «the girl and curses the people» refers to a kind of religious fundamentality, then RUN, FORREST, RUN!

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