Idleness kills courage

manygoodtips.com_16.03.2016_45tJ6ArGF6qu9Courage can be described as anything but, in our opinion, this is the one that releases the energy that makes us blind to risk, violently compete, to fight to the last drop of blood «fight» for females and to explore the almost inaccessible peaks. It is the energy that sustained the men throughout history that turned them into defenders, warriors, hunters.

And the actual problem of modern masculinity is that it requires constant dangers and threats. Whether it’s natural disasters, encroachment on the territory or the threat of hunger. To survive and thrive in the face of these threats, men must remain vigilant and keep your mental and physical skills on the cutting edge.

But in well-fed, peaceful society ruled by social good, where are all consistently and harmoniously to develop their masculinity can be only in the troubled areas and gyms. Actually, this principle works for a long time, when full, powerful civilization, pampered its power and possessions, were lost to the more hungry, the poor, but the evil barbarians. Just the barbarians had an incentive, whereas the Romans it was not. Much the same is happening in Europe, which long ago conquered evil and hungry immigrants.

Man needs a challenge, the danger. When life is quiet, like an abandoned crypt, we write our own little drama, dipping his head in soul-searching. Not for nothing that the abundance triggers depression.By the way, these problems occur even in men whose professions are directly linked to risk and danger. We are not talking about some construction battalion there, and the rocket that hold the arm at an alarming pulse of the world and control of a ballistic missile – a weapon that is able to bring into the world more gray and brown colors and mass extinction. Despite our patriotism, we will consider American missile, especially what happened to them very funny embarrassments.

First, a little about work. The guys are sitting underground in deep mines, in stuffy rooms-capsules, and be their boring 24-hour watch, waiting, in the language of the film «DMB», when finally you can be a hit, so the whole world into dust.

Like young and old guys is a huge responsibility, but it does not care. When constantly sitting in a rotating chair in front of a tantalizing red button, eventually lose interest in life, not that of military romanticism.

manygoodtips.com_16.03.2016_GzhUc6fncAkQHAs a result, in 2013 the audits half of the officers were sent for retraining, and the head of the base was removed. And all because of the fact that they sleep has left open the door to the underground point of launch. Such incidents happened twice in one year.

Later one senior major General Michael Carey lost his stars and after had caroused during exercises on nuclear security in the mother-Moscow. Sir-General was not only drunk to the fallen state in battle of a soldier who fought in the bars and missed important things, but actively walked with the ladies, telling them and occasional drinking buddies about the device the most powerful army with the most powerful nuclear weapons.

And in 2014, the military so far has damaged the rocket, without removing it from the mine. How’s the hero Papanova in «Diamond hand»? «Idiot!»


After the American uniform blew boredom, feeling of uselessness, lack of recognition for their work (even the defense Minister time in 30 years of visits). The gap between objective and reality is so great that they literally wasting away.

The lack of importance of their task, understanding its uselessness much kill the male ego. Mortal boredom forces you to burn off excess energy in any way. In the result of male standards, self-respect, discipline and all around to go to hell.Primitive man was required to stay active and always be on the alert, otherwise can not survive. He never knew when the attack on the village when a predator dare to taste his meat while hunting and when the lightning will burn his shack to hell. Even the food required risk.

For this reason, most tribal rituals almost always included the agonizing tests and inspections of male stoicism and endurance. You had to publicly show how you are brave, clever and skilled in hunting and fighting. If the boy wanted to earn the title of «men», he had to first prove their courage.

It is worth saying that these tests lasted for a lifetime. The man constantly had to prove their courage and valor in the face of danger and risk. He must be ready to stand up and fight side by side with his friends, when challenged. Primitive people used their strengths and skills, most often, of course, struggled, first, to hone the skills, and secondly, to show the flock to be the first guy in the village.

A little later, with the development of civilization, the male energy has curbed military craft. The citizen-soldier was obliged not only to be able to work with your hands and read, but to kill. And then fought very often.

manygoodtips.com_16.03.2016_rrAvX3NnWona3Now such a scenario, when a soldier serves for 25 years, is impossible. Send all the army? The state will not cope and will start to push back the propaganda that the army should not go. A war we do not need. Not because modern man mostly not ready for it, but because it is shit.

It turns out that the good atmosphere we follow the path of least resistance, losing the testosterone.

By the way, this was the reason why William James, the famous psychologist, philosopher and, by the way, a pacifist, was forced to admit, almost repeating Voltaire’s dictum about God, if there was no war, it would be worth re-invent. They say that the war sharpens the senses and makes manifest this virtue and true male qualities.

Even easier said Luca Brasi: «War disperse the bad blood.»

In short, great minds have hinted at the fact that life without risk is incomplete and tasteless. So James actively tried to convince the masses that they are necessary burdens. But on the other hand, the goal of humanity – a comfortable life, but to start war just because someone is unmanly – that is, to destroy a city over a stolen wife.


So James proposed to create a «moral equivalent of war.» Instead of war of man against man, he called for a «war with nature». However, he does not mean the destruction of nature, he was referring to curb it. James has developed a mandatory program of national service, where the army of young people – rich and poor – spent a few years building roads, bridges, catching fish, etc., the Project tried to simultaneously equip the country to destroy class barriers and at the same time to develop a masculine toughness and discipline, and offered to challenge your capabilities.It is a kind of what kind of alternative service in the army. On the face of real help in those aspects in which the state itself can not cope. But if such a body already there, and the situation has not changed, so benefit from it a bit. To fight is also unacceptable, after all, 21st century. Then what to do? And as always: to challenge myself, whether it be to survive in a mad whirlpool of days to feed his family. Set goals, realistic goals, but immense. And stop to enjoy the benefits, otherwise the member grow something else. Walk the dark streets, eat anything, and die in the gym and think how to make their lives better. You have to bring yourself to aggression, but only in a painless way.

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