Identification of a member

manygoodtips.com_29.11.2016_9y6HWHRYwous8Here’s some sad figures on the average length of the penis on the world. In its flaccid STA state the average length is 9.16 cm in length, erect — 13,12. Only 5 men out of 100, a member of the more 16 see

But do not despair: of course, size does not matter, only when you jerk off, but on the other hand, Python in his pants does not guarantee happiness in his personal life. Not all women are adapted to this, the member is not a vase, it should be used. As in the joke:

Man comes to doctor and says:

— Doctor, I anotherwise dick takes off his pants, and out drops something huge.

The doctor in silent delight asks:

— So why chop it off, it’s a unique case?

— Tired. I can’t go, knees strikes, the family I have, so nothing to lose.

It is placed in the operating room, and the nurse, having seen these dimensions, was delighted, and began to beg the doctor to not cut the penis, and legs, vowing a lifetime to wear it on your hand. The doctor agreed, but he woke up after the surgery, the patient looked down and said sadly:

— Your mother! Moreover, that was impotent, so now even without legs.

As you can see, it’s all women. Thanks to them, and direct use leather needles membered born this competition. And, worst of all, not only women, but men by their appearance are trying to isolate the king. Why — is unclear, especially since the outward signs — it’s all nonsense, and we’ll prove it. The size affects the production of hormones and testosterone and not the number on the sole of the Shoe.

And remember: to worry about their size — the fate of the people vile and notorious. Buy yourself a big car, tryin, and no problems. Everyone wants to be Luke by Mediseval, but if not lucky — it is not necessary to think about it.

And we don’t rush to refute me, a connoisseur of wieners that so many of them saw?

Foot size

Perhaps the most common «measure», which firmly believes 3 billion women and billion morons who pretend to themselves that 11 cm is a lot. All these ingenious equations that need to add to the foot size of 5 cm and divide by two, was born, oddly enough, women. They, you know, since I had to calculate the partner including the size of the UDA. But humanity as evil began to hide the nakedness under the skins to appear without panties in polite society has become indecent, and the poor began to look for clues in everything. And as people with an average foot size is much less than the owners of a giant’s feet, was invented this stupid formula.

Only now it is known that our brother the dignity of a size rarely exceeds 20 cm, and according to this formula, most of the male world carefree hide the sausage that exceed the maximum length. So Bolkestein don’t be jealous, let them envy you, because they, unlike you, it is difficult to find suitable shoes.

The distance between the fingers

There lived in the light of one well-known sexologist. He sat in his office, flipping through magazines with erotic content, and thought, what would be so different. Tormented with doubt and vanity, he went to the window, poured himself a glass of cranberry vodka, drank a glass and pulled a face from tearing apart the bitterness, stared out into the street. His mind has a banner, on which was stretched a poster advertising a new movie with Rowan Atkinson, ironically making fun of 007 — «Agent johnny English». The banner of eternal Mr Bean has bulge your fingers in the shape of a gun, and one look was enough to give birth to a completely idiotic theory that if you stick out your thumb and measure the length from tip to tip of the index, this length will correspond to the size.

Of course, the theory is questionable, but other options for the appearance of such a hypothesis we have in mind the hopelessly-flawed — he is too much touched.

Hearing scattered across the planet, psychologist received his share of fame, and in theory believed by many. But this is nothing more than just a rumor. Most often it is the number do match, but in fact this distance is just equal to the average penis size. So, this measurement is true in many cases, but for statistical reasons, not because of some deep meaning.

With the help of fists

Approximately the same principle is built in a completely stupid way to measure length using fists. Sounds funny, but it’s much funnier to ask to put one fist to another. Here’s all the same: distance is equal to the average size of reproductive organ, that’s the whole secret. Most importantly, when you measure yourself, do not play too long with handles.

Low voice

manygoodtips.com_29.11.2016_yxQYlPIGqimh4It is considered that the lower the man, the larger his dignity. Perhaps proponents of this view believe that the member is attached to the vocal cords using the rope. And the bigger it, heavier the lower the voice.

But the secret of this belief lies in the purely psychological aspect. Beautiful low voice attracts a lot stronger than the maiden casleton. Beautiful tone — a symbol of courage, and one overlapping the other, produces such a ridiculous stereotype. Intonation depends on the volume of the throat cavity, the density of the clamping ligaments, shape and volume of the trachea, posture, speed of speech. And none of these factors are not connected with dignity.

Ears, lips, nose

But perhaps the most ridiculous rumor related to the size of the ears, lips, and primarily the nose. Supposedly men with a big nose member long, and if aquiline nose, the girth will barrel age-old redwoods. So if you have a fleshy nose, large ears and lips like two pound ball of meat that lie on each other, do not be surprised, why are you so look askance. Scared to even think what’s going on with Steve Carell and Zlatan Ibrahimovic — probably, all the knees repulsed.

But let’s not think about other people’s pussies, especially when your under the arm. This method is absolutely idiotic and officially praises Caucasians, Jews and Mediterraneans over the peoples of the North. But the new star Studio Brazzers for a short period of time nikolovska all porn actress, Danny D, nice size in places far from the head.

It is believed that this stereotype was formed due to the fact that in many cases people with a big nose svoebrazny of sound, and therefore a lower voice. We’ve already figured out that the voice is a game, nothing to do with what you have in your pants. Same thing here.

Snag your pants

Don’t wear tight pants and put cotton wool in the groin. You read smart women, including. In fact, the size in its flaccid STA condition is not related to size, so everyone is interested in. Everything seemed to be correct: if lying under it, even leggings will not be seen, and in a standing position, it is no surprise. Turns out, surprise.

In fact, the difference between the length in the erect state and its flaccid STA varies widely from male to male. Sometimes nondescript hill grows something terrible, or Vice versa: falling off of the legs, the apparatus does not change much. This is due to anatomical features and blood flow: the loose structure of your UDA are different vascular fluid. So don’t squint at your neighbor at the urinals — it means nothing.

Skin color

There is a widespread belief that the blacker, the longer. But in fact, skin tone means nothing, and not all blacks are famous for a «third leg». And not all Asians pistrucci resemble string beans. It’s all a fucking pornography stereotype imposed on us. Although some scientists are trying to find evidence of this myth.


In scientific terms, it is compliance with the right people even conducted a study to find the relationship between height and penis size. But studies have been conducted on too small a sample. If you try using this ratio to find the most «endowed», it would have to go through many lanky guys with tiny «pride.» The fact that not all the laws of proportionality, and not everyone is so lucky, as high Grigory Rasputin (it is said that its 28-centimeter rod is in the collection of one well-known urologist). What about dwarfs with giant sausages?

Girls believe in it instinctively, because for thousands of years nothing has changed: they are still looking for a nice, hefty, with a good gene pool. The stereotype lives: have big people things big.

The legs are widely

Well this is already stupid — people can be elementary uncomfortable pants or rubbed places in nasty places. Widely spaced legs of a seated person is the result of a vulgar education. Plus, it is really nice and Korotkova, and giants.

Palm size

According to this myth, the length of the man’s penis is equal to the distance from base of palm to tip of his middle finger. If this were true, then basketball players would have to run in trousers, and the member would beat them to their knees. Had to tie it around the legs.

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