Ideas that prevent live well

In 1932, Frederic Bartlett, a scientist from Cambridge University, spent one of the most important experiments in cognitive psychology.Before the study, Bartlett read a native American tale called «war of the Ghosts». After he told her in detail to each participant of the experiment. In the next year, he summoned the subjects, so they told him the story.

Not surprisingly, the story with each new translation was reduced, because during this time it is easy to forget some of the details.

However, nobody expected that each person will unconsciously adapt the story to fit their expectations of «normal» world. This was the explanation, because each participant of the experiment was the representative of the European, British culture, and the tale was Indian. There is a conflict of perception and the British weed out what was considered inappropriate for any reason in British society. This Indian tale only lost, but this is the reality of perception.

In addition, people have altered the narrative so that it acquires a more clear content and was interpreted from the position of the British view of the world. The parts that are confusing, was mercilessly removed. And the more time passed the less of the original Indian parts were left in the story. Participants gradually began to emphasize the rational aspects of the story, drowning out all others. Even the order of events was shifted.

Research Bartlett was the first great work which proved to us, to humanity that we should not trust our own memories completely. Our view of the world actively changes over time, we don’t remember everything and often incorrectly interpret even those events which we ourselves are.

Man thus changes history.

What did we tell you about this experiment? It’s simple: we want to help to understand the lives of our readers. You just have to analyze the information above and put it on my life.

There is such a thing as the «power schemes». Don’t know widespread this term in Russian psychology, but also in British for sure. Bartlett believed that there are such schemes, which are a set of ephemeral ideas that are used by our brain in order to interpret and perceive new information.

Schemas are formed by experience in life. Experience can interpret from different angles and, of course, not excluded erroneous interpretation. And scheme, meanwhile, remain unchanged, and even their conflict with real situation may not help.

In other words, your brain moves on autopilot, assessing the reality of the facts, and, perhaps, erroneous opinion. It harms life, as you begin to clash with reality, it is wrong to assess the environmental information.

Unfortunately, the schema affect not only memories, but also on the opinion of society, social groups and oneself.

We give you a couple of examples:

The mother told her daughter how to be «the boy». What do you say? It needs to build a house, fix everything I can, to educate children will be right, strong, brave, handy, and responsible. Creates a mythical image of the perfect man.

Summary: girl grows up, becomes your friend and sincerely do not understand why you, an astrophysicist, can’t fix the fridge and don’t want to have children. Beliefs friend was formed in the early stages, with a different person, but they affect it, and for life.

You can easily notice all these «schemes» in the behavior of other people. But you certainly have your own. However, it is understood that the old beliefs may not work in the new world.

Experience tends to lead us to certain actions, to the particular nature of our thoughts. But it may disturb you, and seriously.

For example, in the business. You really need to wait for certain events before you run your side business? Or you choose the model of behavior that allows you to keep what you already have, not chasing what you could get?

Or take a trip. Is it true that only «single people without children can travel far? Or is this «accepted» rule, which prevents you to realize your dream in life?

There are more children. «Everyone should have a couple of Munchkins to 30 years», right? Waiting for relatives, mom, dad, and grandma and maybe a friend. At some point you have to step back and make a pretty stupid thing to kids when you want, not you.

We want to tell you very simple thing. Sometimes you have to forget what you think is true. Don’t want to see the world in such a way as you looked at her yesterday. If in the past your beliefs were correct, but today they can be wrong. And if you know one side of the question, this does not mean that you have at least the illusive idea about the other side.

Don’t let yesterday’s beliefs to dictate your future – that’s our advice.

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