Ideas for small business

For the sake among us has not wanted to send to hell the bad boss to tell you what I think is harmful to a woman from accounting to slam the door on the drudgery of work? But leaving one job to look for new, or to start a business, which requires investments. But what if you apply your knowledge and skills and to work on not starting your own business? There are many ideas what you can do, if not completely incompetent.

1. Personal trainer

Today, many are concerned about maintaining their physical fitness to a decent level, but not all (particularly successful in career terms) of people who have the time and opportunity to go to a fitness club. A personal trainer is someone who deals with the client individually and, as a rule, the client’s home. This approach to fitness for many is the only opportunity to work on the body.

2. Yoga instructor

Many who believed that men don’t do yoga, but among the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, yoga occupy a leading position for that year. Unlike conventional physical therapy, yoga gives not only the physical development but also includes a number of spiritual practices aimed at harmonizing the inner world of man. As well as, doing yoga can be practiced in group or individually at home. If you have mastered the yoga, help with this case the needy, at the same time earn money.

3. Tutor

If you’re good at some area of knowledge — there is nothing more logical than to try tutoring. As a student, you can prepare pupils to enter UNIVERSITY and received the degree, e.g. master’s degree, you can lecture and adults. By the way, clients of the tutor is not only limited to College students. Many children need professional help in certain subjects of the school curriculum, as parents, as a rule, due to various reasons can not «pull» their child on their own.

4. Coaching

Coaching is one of today’s most pressing fields of application of force. However, the competition here is extremely high. Every second poster on the fence offers workshop on improving motivation, personal growth training and so on. Coaches very much, but the themes of the seminars, in truth, is not so diverse. You have to really stand out to start making money on it.

5. Consulting services

The business consultant analyzes the current state of Affairs in the business of his client, identifies errors and offers solutions. However, to succeed in this field, you have to be not only highly qualified, but to have real experience of doing business in this area.

6. Accounting

There are many companies that try to save money, preferring to work with freelancers rather than hire professionals on a permanent basis. This is especially true of small businesses with a small staff. Accounting, as well as the work of an editor or corrector, as a rule, in such organizations is the person who is involved. Even if you work as an accountant, nobody can forbid you to spare the time to take such shabashki.

7. Designer

One of the most «remote» jobs among the urban youth today. By the way, it is not necessary to spend 5 years learning the craft at University. A lot of working professionals — people whose diploma is irrelevant to the design.

8. Web designer

Designer with programming skill — just like any other designer: works primarily on remote and mainly in the dark. Unlike the designer-coder for printing, a web designer skilled in programming languages and this makes it even more valuable and rare frame.

9. Photographer

This specialty has long been a byword, now every second person who bought the SLR camera, even once tried to provide photo services. However, despite the dominance of Internet «goniocorella», the profession as such has not yet died. Among the lucky owners of photographic equipment, there are some people who really know how to shoot.

You can enjoy shooting weddings and an extract from maternity hospital, I can photograph for stock, can cooperate with various media. Anyway, to make money, not necessarily to be in the state news Agency.

10. Collection Agency

Agency that specializiruetsya on extrajudicial recovery of debt. In fact, it represents the intermediary between the creditor and the debtor. Living debt Agency a percentage of the refunded debt. Everything you need in this business is a phone, a computer and a knowledge of the applicable laws.

11. Baking business

Private mini-bakery is a great idea to create a family business, especially if one of your loved ones likes and knows how to bake.

12. Garbage

This business can organize even a schoolboy. For a small fee you can assist in the removal of debris. It would seem, a trifle. But, as it is sometimes too lazy to take out the trash yourself.

13. Weddings

Contrary to popular belief, this activity is perfect for not only the weaker sex. Wedding — a major event, which requires nerves of steel and, at times, this organizational talent.

14. Concierge service

It is, of course, is not about being scolded grandmother in an old chair near the entrance. You can help the residents of some houses in the delivery of food to the home, care for the animals in the absence of the owners, the care of children. The most important thing in this business to gain a large customer base and a sufficient level of trust clients.

15. Blogging

Blogging can become something more than just a way to kill time and to satisfy my own need for writing letters. Popular bloggers post on the different types of advertising and sometimes make good money on it.

16. Repair of computers and office equipment

Your clients in this business can become as individuals and small companies focused on outsourcing cooperation. One of the advantages of this business is the lack of initial investment. Your entire inventory — is the head and the screwdriver.

17. Cleaning

Provision of services for cleaning and requires more skill than the procedure of trash removal. However, no special education, there is no need a lot of skills that you can buy on their own.

18. Carpet cleaning

— private event services house cleaning.

19. Mobile pet grooming

Dog hairdresser and a cat manicurist with departure on the house will solve a lot of problems pet owners. The owners get rid of the worries connected with transportation of the pet, and the pet — stress associated with the same carriage.

20. Dog walking

Dog walking can be a part of the work «around the clock» and separate thing, which, incidentally, is also able to engage the student. The main thing that you get along well with dogs.

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