Ideas for business in crisis

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_EDb94Q4LT0WVKWhile the dollar is having a great time riding on a crazy roller coaster, our country is floating in zero gravity. Once the crisis has given us a powerful slap on the background of General price rise we try to save savings and to start new businesses. But for some people affected by the crisis, lost job or housing, the only way to make money is to start your own business. To open a business in crisis, it seems risky, but you can reduce the risk and to develop a good plan based on a potentially winning idea.

1. Excellent idea of a business in crisis – healthcare

Regardless of what times the country is experiencing, we still need to take care of your health. This market segment is steadily on his feet, and with it people who understand how to work the kitchen, and can easily Orient themselves in the complex world of health care. Personal honey. the consultant should have experience in the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and insurance, but do not need to spend money on office rent and hiring a large team of employees: at first, you are perfectly able to handle himself. Also not afraid of crisis manufacturers of drugs.

2. Food industry

Following the logic from the first paragraph, people also need to eat. The crisis will not affect your business if it is food production. And as you already know, harsh times call for harsh measures: try to change your profile and to invest in creating their own bakery. This business can bring 2 thousand dollars a month or more. The most important thing in business is to find the right niche, to set the optimal price, which will be available to every potential buyer. And, of course, you need to decide what food business you’re going to try their hand, will produce in your kitchen. Further it is to register businesses, to cook and sell.

3. Cosmetics and hygiene products

No world crisis is not able to prevent a woman look good, care about their appearance and beauty. Nobody tells you to get in transition and distribute Avon cosmetics. Just for reference scour foreign websites of manufacturers of cosmetics. Sure you can find some great options of how to buy cheaper and sell more.

4. Car repair

Now most people can’t afford to buy new, more expensive vehicle, so you have to work with what you have: to make repairs and conduct inspection. This approach is very hands on owners and employees of garages, especially in this time of year. In addition, the crisis provides the opportunity for more or less wealthy entrepreneurs to buy a cheaper body shop or to choose the right franchise.

5. Business in crisis in the Internet

This area is capable to provide you with an extremely wide range of activities, it would wish to work well the gears in my head, skill and a little starting capital. First, you can go freelance. Many companies are now massively cut staff, as the maintenance costs not covered by profit. Kick the ball ahead – offer your services on a temporary basis. But, if this is your only source of income, you will have to sweat to feed yourself though. Also can you bother to open your website or blog, earning from advertising. The main requirement is that the topics and content should be informative, interesting and clear, and visitors are clearly segmented. Try to make website that provides information on all sales, because now people is particularly important at least for something to save. Another option is the use of online educational courses. Many people want to change the qualification to keep his nose to the wind, to navigate in this difficult situation time. So, if you are able to share their knowledge, why not try to earn on this?

6. Advice

Here still depends on your knowledge. In times of crisis, people need help of qualified staff. It can be a financial advice on mergers and acquisitions or legal – for bankruptcy.

7. «Green Consulting»

Whether it is reducing energy costs or carbon dioxide emissions reduction, «green» business is slowly but surely gaining momentum in our country he predicting a very successful future. This area may be related to almost everything that is happening around you: from consumer products to television events, from vehicles to lifestyle. But the bottom line is it’s environmentally friendly activities.

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