Ideas for business in crisis #2

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2015_Xbl7eSkXsWj9INo one doubts that the times now are strange and in a sense depressing. We already wrote about some of the ideas in a crisis, and if you want to start your own business, but found the idea of the soul, here is the new list. After all, money all getting smaller and our needs from this is not going away. It is necessary to include brains and to take risks.

Just note that the main emphasis is on small production, because it would not have implemented the program of import substitution, but it will be the leitmotif of the economic life of our country in the coming years. It just so happened, good or bad.

1. Dairy

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2015_IuukqbiSuSiH5So, it is time to cook the cheese. Go to any grocery store and look at shelves. It’s some kind of hell! Good cheese does not become. Even the notorious Russian cheese that used to cost pennies, have risen in price and deteriorated. About substitutes cheese and Parmesan and say no. In the absence of high-quality foreign cheeses and the presence of the wild arrogance of the Russian cheese-making concerns, it is logical to start our own production, where everything will be right, and traditionally the topic. This, of course, a lot of investment but they join a promising field that will grow. By the way, if you want to organize the manufacture of cheese, you have big chances to get a grant for starting a business. Of course, it will not cover all expenses but still ease the situation.

2. Brewery

Poradi.s. ua_31.08.2015_2nF8ombjOdjO2Many brewers already sick of the phrase «craft beer», because it really is a bone in the throat for those who make the product go bad after a couple of weeks and smells of dead flies. In turn, the private brewery is growing by leaps and bounds, and work fine. Not all of them make great beer, but almost all work in fun and worth the cost, expand its production, a range of varieties and are popular. In addition, the community of private brewers pretty well, each of them can share their own, this experience, which is good for you. About competition but not to worry, the Kraft beer market is just starting to grow and despite the success of some particularly lucky Breweries, it is still negligible. In General, bootlegging is the first activity that I remember in any economic crisis.

3. Shop beer

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2015_s9szq0o5kMCYYTo open easy – climb hard. That’s why you see so many poor «razlive» in his sleeping area. What prevents to do everything humanly? Maybe the lack of taste, and maybe a basic knowledge of the promotion. In any case, this promising business for many reasons: drink, drink and drink. Another thing is how to turn into a profitable business? After all, the costs are very small, you need some equipment for beer storage, as well as all sorts of things spelled out in the rules of fire safety, etc. on the other hand, many of the brewery covers the cost of the equipment, but would you spill their beer, and it will give you a great help. To do everything in the best traditions it is necessary to focus on the audience that has money, not drunks. When you’re in a well-designed store will start to come nice people, you’ll realize that doing everything right. You can generally rely solely on the craft, as many do, the benefit of choice becomes more and more. Most importantly, remember that quality in such a hell is more important than quantity.

4. Store village products

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2015_pWijiBiDRCgziThe actual thing. People often fall for the «environmentally friendly» products. Meat is also a concern. If you live somewhere in the southern regions, you will notice that this niche is filled with strong competitors from different networks. But do not despair. Importantly, a thorough approach and building their brand. The food network is almost never rely on the original is, their job is to stake out a fishing spot, and then sell what is the most popular. Another way is to create a grocery store with a person who will rely on specific farmers, who deliver high-quality meat, in the public networks is not found. The rest will be done feedback good service delivery, an emphasis on sustainability. People you will start to pay more for meat that was «before».

5. Swing why not? Passes to the gym are decent, much diversity in the inventory in a typical gym there. Everything else, you will be much less all sorts of checks and the scope for creativity is large. You can charge people money for certain consultation with the coach, you can conduct master classes, as well as to negotiate with manufacturers of various food additives on sponsorship. In Russia there has been a surge of interest in the culture of a healthy lifestyle, of course, this affects the perception of the male population. If a man is not busy implementing serious plans, you can be sure – he goes to the gym. It’s like going to the movies, also relieves stress and brings pleasure, especially when you get used to the whole entourage. In General, the audience is very wide and, it seems, is not going to go anywhere.

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