Ideas for a winter date on Valentine’s Day

manygoodtips.com_8.02.2015_3ussBilGDwAGRStarting this Monday and throughout the week, your brain will eat away the hours on a tea spoon one annoying question: «How to spend Valentine’s Day and what to give to your friend?» – of course, provided that you have got. And even if you both pull the noses of this dubious holiday, be sure she will remember the lack of gift and tokens on this day. Try to ease your task. Here are some options for a romantic date, which you can spend in the fresh winter air or the warmth of the room.

1. Hot springs

The thermal waters offer the best of both worlds: the cold winter air and wonderful hot water. This contrast is simultaneously soothing and refreshing, every minute spent in the source, you and your friend improve their health, as the composition of the thermal water contains many trace elements and minerals. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a bottle of chilled champagne, because you are not retired on the treatment, and lovers on a romantic date.

This kind of recreation is available in all major towns and resorts of Krasnodar region at any time of the year. This procedure will cost you a pretty penny, but you understand what having a girlfriend is basically expensive, especially on Valentine’s Day.

2. Lesson snowboarding

If you have strained finances, but you and your friend is a staunch supporter of active rest, do not worry and do not grieve the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps or the Caucasus. Of course, journey together would make a perfect gift for both of you, but surely your town has a indoor ski or snowboard centers, where for a fee you will receive a fascinating training session and master class in handling the snowboard. If your girl or you’re both new to this business, then for you this watch will be a fun and educational lesson, and may you cross off the list the question: where to go for your next vacation.

3. Movie marathon

If it’s cold outside so that just the thought of it makes your nuts to shrink from fear, take into service the most comfortable and budget option for a date. A couple of bottles of wine, a dinner, which should be taken care of in advance, candles for the entourage, and of course, great movies, who like you and her. Can watch your favorite movie, or finally get to those who have long wanted to see but didn’t have time. Here it is, this time. I hope you don’t have to say that a movie marathon is not a bad thing to dilute after a sex marathon?

4. Whisky tasting/wine

What could be more attractive prospects in the fierce cold to be inside a warm cozy room with a nice drink in hand? If you are too lazy to exercise, but to sit at home don’t feel like it, go to a tasting of spirits, which I prefer the most. Again, almost all the major cities regularly hosts such events, where gourmets, connoisseurs and Amateurs pour the collar going in groups and sagely priklepyvayut alcohol. So Google to the rescue!

5. Snowshoeing

If you’re from the Northern part of our country where awesome beauty of the forest overwhelmed white snow, snowshoeing would be a great idea for a romantic walk in the fresh air, if only the air was not minus forty. A snowshoe hike will give you a great chance to see remote corners of local parks, reserves and roads where it had not previously set foot your limbs. So dress warmly – and forward to the adventure!

6. Skating

A list of cool winter date would be incomplete without ice skating. What Hollywood romantic melodrama, where the action develops in the cold season does not use frames with happy kids on the ice? If you trowels blade cut through the ice, you can impress your girlfriend by this unexpected gift. Well, if the coordination of you, like an elephant in a China shop, you naturally will demonstrate how a sense of humor are his own person. Either option involves a fun pastime and a great stay.

7. Carriage rides

Such excursion or a walk in the dear places by far claim to be the best date of the year. Just plan everything in advance, check the horses and the carriage. Surely you and your girlfriend won’t enjoy the spectacle of skinny, and filthy animals, with a piercing wind blowing in all the cracks of the vehicle. Dress warmer, bring a couple of thermoses of hot mulled wine, hug your friend and look down on slaves, who fearfully runs across the road your king’s crew on foot.

It’s a date you can combine with any other, thus making a romantic Valentine’s Day really worthy of the title.

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