Icelandic oddities

When the fugitives from the oppression of the Norwegian king Harald the Viking settled in Iceland, they probably never thought that their patrimony will attract so much attention.

Iceland is a country as distant and mysterious. And the more hear about it, the more it surprises. Some say that Iceland is not a country in our favorite Japanese. Apparently, life on the Islands has its own nuances – the wind is blowing from the four sides and blows them to crap. But really Icelanders others. Still, having lived on the outskirts of Europe. However, it is not surprising that this country has created a magical and mysterious singer björk.


To start with, under side is cold as the lips of a white Walker, Greenland, the climate is not Arctic, and moderately cool, with strong winds, humid and changeable. In Novosibirsk and Tyumen it was much colder. No, the snow on the Icelandic vastness of the falls, but the earth is not covered with ice, as may seem logical, based on the name (Ice – ice, Land – land), but the climate is repulsive: always wet in summer and winter the cold winds blow. Ice is there on the snowy peaks of the volcanoes. But it would be logical to call the country Icefireland because of the volcanoes there is still much more.


Our capacious accustomed to the words ears phonetic experience hysteria when they hear only the Icelandic names. Attempt to pronounce them often reminiscent of it through the drunken drunk. Try to first try to pronounce the name of the region the capital region. Well? And now faster! Does not work? Here nobody gets it. But instead, what the mighty nature! Sometimes I want to go on the cool slopes Vatnajokull and Myrdalsjokull and break your tongue pronouncing their names.


As for the political system, Iceland – a country with the oldest still existing Parliament in the world. In 930 the Vikings have collected something like a popular Assembly called Altig. Since it exists under the same name. However, earlier this Veche resolve the issues (mostly in duels), decided whom to stone, who to marry, how to behave with the Norwegian and the Danish king, who now and then puts the islanders in a pose elegant and dishonestly behaves with decent islanders as uncollected. MGIMO.

Now no one was executed, and collected in a warm room, not near the beautiful cliffs on the sea shore (by the way, this rock is the place where the American and Eurasian plates). 63 sad Icelander thinking about how to attract tourists, to whom to sell the fish and how to explain to immigrants that they are not welcome. But some laws are still in force. For example, the horse is exported outside of the island – even for performances at the world Cup on equestrian sport, could not come back. So decided by the Icelandic Parliament in the year 982, and to abolish this rule, no one is going.


Iceland is a country with a high standard of living. And there developed medicine. If on arrival there you will have gangrene or something else, do not despair, help will come quickly. Because any person can provide medical services if it has a sign Scottulaejir, which translated means «medicine man.» Fortunately, the signs tend to be in the hands of experienced people.


Now let’s talk about one particular person – Olavur Ragnar Grimsson. Let his name sounds like the name of the French strips, but it’s the main man on the island – its President. Iceland is a Republic, it is not divided into the human Kingdom, land of the elves, and the Kingdom of the trolls, as you might think. Everything is much simpler: after the recent civil war, the people won. So, this is Olavur ruled the country since 1996. However, 2 times, he became President automatically due to the lack of other candidates. Lazy Icelanders gift does not need that kind of responsibility. Why, when you can simply eat rotten shark and say the word «Bork» at every opportunity. And yet you criticize our country for the total privatization of government.


In Iceland, lives 321 857 persons is less than the population of the Vologda region. However, they completely close access to their land all the immigrants, as don’t want any Arabs to spoil their peaceful principles. To obtain citizenship in this country is extremely difficult and tantamount to doom itself to slavery. Easier with fingers to squeeze out my own Appendix than to receive a treasured crust.

And despite the meager population, the country plays football better than ours. They win the Olympic games handball and live very well, despite the fact that are not members of the EU (although I went into the Schengen area). They have developed heavy industry, but they are self-sufficient. It is always admired in countries dwarfs: as with so scanty population, they manage to live better than the average Ghosh from Nefteyugansk. Don’t think Iceland does not cause us even a moment’s desire to move, but to remove the hat in front of her.

In addition, this number has a big disadvantage incest. In fact, in the country all each other relatives. The fact that Icelanders are reluctant to leave their homeland, mostly for the sake of learning. Marrying a cousin – it is normal, but very positive effect on demographics. But life expectancy is among the highest in the world.


In Iceland there are a variety of refreshing hot springs. To visit the country and not to go in to one of them – a sin worse than spoiling the ballot paper. In most countries of the world before you dive into the water, need to take a shower, and Iceland is no exception. Before the dive you must clean up. But here’s the problem: many showers have no doors, so if in the process of reclamation of their genitals (and wash have all) you’ll suddenly see next to a great Ragnar Redbeard, fun tells you, «Bork», don’t be alarmed, this is normal. Fortunately, walking naked in the street impossible.

By the way, in many public toilets you can find a plaque, which shows how men want to urinate. No, not standing, is not tolerated, and drop your «nectar» fall into the toilet. There women sit. It is necessary to write sitting down. However, the diagram even shows where to drop the device and at what angle. Equality as equality.

Wild magical beasts

The majority of Icelanders believe in elves. These elves usually live in rocky areas, possess magical powers and become a source of problems if someone tries to invade their house – there were cases when the bulldozers failed and never wound up in the alleged habitat of the elves. And in Iceland this belief is so strong that in this case the builders invite the special people who need to persuade the elves to leave the house. And as you travel the rocky roads, you can see hastily piled stones. It is the home of trolls. And if you, God forbid, hurt respected animals, blame yourself, the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church you think threats of the student.


Iceland is one of the most feminist countries in the world. Sitting in the harsh Viking pub, I notice an interesting trend: ladies often start Dating than guys – just a Paradise for all the hostages the friend zone! Men are afraid, because the lady might get upset and attempt to make a courtship of harassment. And the law is on your side, the more than half of the government positions are now occupied by women. Here brave Nords and not solved. And the girls there, I must say, often far from the ideals of Nordic beauty. Often they are more courageous than men. I would go with them to compete in arm wrestling did not dare.

By the way, it is not surprising that this government voted against strip clubs. It is understandable – the country is small, and to look at how near the pole butt wagging your niece or your uncle, not very nice. But scary is not it, but that recently considered the issue of banning online pornography. Some may think that is an outdated point of view, but Icelanders consider it to be quite progressive. This is despite the fact that the country allowed same-sex marriages. I have all the.


And now the most important Icelandic gastronomy. There are few vegetables and fruits, mostly import. The soil is fertile, the climate very cold. Therefore, the basis of the cuisine is fish, which keeps the economy of the country, and meat. Some describe it with the words «puke» and «cry» and some find sublime and interesting.

For example, the Icelanders is not considered shameful to eat birds adorable puffins. So good if they ate them like chicken, but no, the descendants of the bloodthirsty conquerors we must eat the heart of a bird in its raw form is considered a delicacy.

But the most famous dish – haukal, that is a rotten shark meat. Take, catch a shark, bury it in the ground as soon as it starts to decay, pull out and serve her… No, not enemies, and the favorite. The smell from this dish that even the muses are embarrassed. Perhaps that is why they in Iceland so little. The taste is quite specific, like rotten shark. But many people like. Especially Icelanders. Maybe because they drink this stuff brennivin. This is an alcoholic beverage, which is a sort of schnapps distilled potato with cumin. Honestly, better to lick sweaty feet barefoot boy from songs of Agutin, than to experience the taste of this swill. Although many Icelanders drink it, to once again emphasize their «islandscosta».

Traditional dishes worth mentioning the following: the pudding from the blood of a lamb, boiled sheep’s head, steak from China. By the way, the whales are exterminated with a special fanaticism – they eat so many fish that the locals are beginning to fear that suddenly they will get nothing.

By the way, Iceland is one of the leaders in the consumption of Coca-Cola in the world. It is understandable, it is necessary something to wash down the bitterness brennivin.


Oh, and most importantly the wealth of the country is its nature. In this urban population is extremely small. One hundred thousand (one third of the country), megapolis Raceway looks like Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk before Putin’s arrival – neat, clean and boring city. Except that the fun boxes in the form of bottles, more like eternal monuments of alcoholism. The houses are small, since the constant earthquakes do not have to build huge skyscrapers. By the way, some of the house without Foundation, because at any moment it might break through the geyser. But with these disasters, Icelanders have long been friends.

Iceland is full of active volcanoes, the locals have learned to use them to their advantage. Approximately 85% of the energy in Iceland is produced from renewable resources, more than half of energy – geothermal. Before Iceland became to electricity with the help of nature, geothermal energy is used for heating water. Now thanks to this, Iceland has more than 150 public swimming pools with hot water, the temperature of the water is a real volcanic heat.

And when go outside and enjoy the beauty of this crazy country, hot geysers, lush cut by a jet of icy wind, when you look at this rugged beauty, emerald meadows and gloomy sea, understand why they eat that horrible shark and drink this beverage.

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