I will always choose not the easiest path

difficult way

In 1989, four Soviet and American dudes on bikes crossed the whole of Russia from Vladivostok to Leningrad. They were fighting mud, wind, injuries and cold for five months, traveled through hundreds of villages across the Urals — all for our bad roads. It was planned that the journey will be in the Guinness Book of world records, but what made this trip outstanding is not the duration, not the length, and the fact that she was so heavy.

We often use this word when talking about heroes or about the success. All we wish is to reach goal easily and quickly. Except for a short interval before the finish, we do not believe the path to our goals are important and worthy of time and effort. We want to get all in a beautiful package and ready-to-eat: food, friends, and even faith. Our lives began to resemble such tourism, when we want to see a foreign land, but do not stay in it longer than two weeks, so as not to annoy a stranger way of life. In fact, a difficult path ceased to be a source of pride, becoming what not to say. Let’s look facts in the face: the idea is to spend whole years, straining his ass at the same job, pursuing the same goal, has become obsolete and even meaningless.

Large and respected men of the past quickly expunged from our memory those precocious celebrities, photographs of whom are filled all over the tabloids. Teen idols, reality-star, Internet billionaires become the new heroes. With each new blossoming superstar idea of success becomes more similar to the secret formula, not long and slow brain work.

We can easily declare: «He’s just talented by nature,» hoping that somewhere we have a hidden talent that will make us famous, rich or less spotted. Books and seminars all of these success secrets promise to tell us the easiest way to live a better life — the secrets that for centuries protected the rich and famous, who magically didn’t show up on our radar until now.

The epidemic of easy success had penetrated into all aspects of our culture from health to education and relationships. People don’t want to train and eat healthy because it’s hard. No problem, there are thousands of different diets that promise to make your body the perfect while you’re not going to exert any effort. Why read the whole book, if you can Google and find something in two minutes? And the relationship? Work on them hard, so the experts sagely say, «You deserve someone who will love you, don’t be sad if this relationship ends, your life will surely be someone who will better meet your needs.»

In a sense, became acceptable and even common to avoid things that seem complicated. Success is the hunt for easy profits, and we all desperately strive to find a simple way, the magic solution, the long-awaited solution. We cut corners and call it optimization. We follow the path of least resistance and hide our cowardice under the guise of reasonableness. In doing so, we kill ourselves — such an interesting life hack.

There is nothing in the proper organization of labor and simplify things. It makes no sense to do complicated something so simple. I do not propose to plough fields manually and walk in another city. The problem is that many of us began to think that if something is hard, it’s automatically wrong and that it should be possible to change it. In the process, often we don’t achieve that, switching to something that seems more «realistic». And, more importantly, we let one fundamentally important truth: challenging turns boys into men and making the character stronger.

When we look at the blockbusters, we surprise and amaze chiseled body stuntmen and their professionalism. How they managed to achieve this? What happened to them in Hollywood, no doubt, get up, right? But not so, they just stick to the routine, exercise and nutrition, which converts them into what they are.

In short, they are working about 10-12 hours a day 5 days a week for 4 months. And nobody praises after each exercise. Instead, they are called losers and made fun of for their fat on the belly. No positive, no congratulations, nothing. All rude, not fun, but hard work. Very hard work.

Hard work nothing can replace. No «cutting corners», no five steps to success, no secrets. This can be both a blessing and a curse — depending on how you see it. The way we live every hour of every day of our lives determines what we will become through the years. Knowing this, you need to build your life so to accept the challenge that will shape your character, your discipline. Doing difficult things every day, we constantly train themselves for the future — and in the face of problems we find ourselves helpless.

Difficult the way may seem old-fashioned and arduous, but he makes us strong, and this force is more important and more specific than any accidentally captured sky. This lifestyle grow men remain faithful to his wife and children, decade after decade. Men who refuse to sacrifice their character for the sake of easy money and short-term benefits. The men, who at the end of the day see the fruits of your labor. Men who finish a marathon, instead of starting a million sprints.

If we learn not to give in to difficulties, in the future we will reap from this fruit. Not only victory, honored on a long journey, not only a strong character, but full of life.

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