I went… and what to do with the lady?



Hi, manygoodtips.com! For a very long time I am your reader, the articles you write really cool! Thank you very much, I found you on the Internet, I could not stop reading for 2-3 days, honestly. You often turn to for advice, direct and truthful. Actually, I also now need it. The situation is this: I’m Dating a girl, but now due to certain circumstances so happened that I need to go to another town that is not near, for an indefinite amount of time. And I don’t know what to do: to continue the relationship or not – together we have more than six months. To write about snot will not, let me just say that I’m with her not just because she likes me. manygoodtips.com prompt as better to arrive?

The answer

Hello, reader. Thank you, that brought our article to rank even three days, but fetish. We hope you continue to read us and to admire us, because our journal as the first serious girl: even if you’re leaving, will still pull. And not only drunk. We will be grateful to you if you our readers, and we promise to write even better and more interesting.

Now to your question. I hope we’re not late. So throw the lady a long time is absolutely impossible, no matter how you met, whatever the love between you was. There was a case when after 3 years of crazy love I go away for 10 days, as the girl from depression and other women’s quirks have decided that we should break up, because before he left they had a fight. Well done, lady… and Then on his return, all, of course, improved, but crept doubts about its adequacy.

So, my good fellow, long-distance relationships can be built only in case if you’re 100% sure in his passions. Not going to paint all the nuances of love at a distance, because we have already touched on this topic.

We can advise you anything and even think how much you cherish it, to decide, but it’s pointless. I believe in your dignity – to break, to lady not in pain and found someone else to play with. But if you’re going on time, then you’ll come back. And if you have universal love, then such questions would not arise. If you love her, like Elijah wood, «West ham» in «Hooligans of Green street», you would have never thought about to leave her, even if you go 6 years to the North to investigate the new colony of penguins. She came to you, you to her.

Would be confident in her love for you, too don’t think. So drive safely. At the same time understand the extent of his feelings for her. What will be will be. Maybe you’ll find someone else. Maybe you’ll find another. May grow cold to each other, and maybe Vice versa, you will understand that your feelings are passionate, as the skull of Nicolas cage in «Ghost rider». So don’t do brains, relax. I hope we answered your question. Sincerely yours.

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