I want to leave her, but she’s not all there


Hi, guys! Thank you very much for your work and assistance in solving life’s problems many of us! I was faced with a very delicate situation and I really need your advice. The story is this: I’m Dating a girl more than a year, and she was seriously planning our wedding this summer. And I like that she don’t mind. But I have a lot of it you don’t like, such as the fact that she considers herself a Queen, and my parents do the plebeians. It gives me the willies. You have no idea how… And I want her to quit but she’s too emotional. And so I don’t know how to do it. Once tried, so it is under the car almost ran over it. Guys help me what to do?

The answer

Oh, how difficult! And no one really got any advice, because the responsibility to take over crazy women are somehow scary, despite the fact that all women (and men) for a long time crying in the nuthouse. But it’s like work: once took the responsibility to help the dude, help him out. And Yes, I forgot to thank you: thank you for reading, we appreciate you and are glad that you appreciate us! But enough of formalities, let’s get to brutal analysis of the situation.

So, there are ladies who organize this game. What are they called? Hysterics? Old Freud treated such characters, as I recall. Before making ours, maybe not quite a competent opinion, ask you one thing: «And how old is the friend?» The question is rhetorical, we understand that twenty or so. Hormones are raging, life is scary, uncertainty is scary. Friend just started to face reality and see that she herself will be hard, but easier on your shoulders, and if she gets knocked up, so all good-bye freedom.

And here we are approaching the point answer. Now ask yourself: «do I Want to live with the unloved person only because he is too emotional?» I think we should wait? To buy time and try to explain? And if after all a woman’s intuition feel prepares deceit and pierce a couple of condoms with a needle? The next stage will be called «okay, I’ll wait until our children will grow up, but we’ll see.» Just bear in mind that children, too, can be too emotional when you’re in your 40 going to file for divorce.

Unfortunately, there is no guide that will help you and saving you from accidents. But there are unhappy marriages and shotgun marriages that last for decades. Now you hesitate to solve the problem, and the next day you hear the sound of flushing his life in the toilet.

So take your life into your own hands and find ways to say everything in a civilized manner. Civilized if not, then try again. Do not show kindness, closeness, and all sorts of romantic gestures. Don’t sleep with a friend, don’t have sex with her. The good old «we need to break from each other and to understand themselves», and sometimes, triggered, and there, staring, and she’ll leave you alone. At worst, you asshole: I bet a friend before the fact and sent all of her contacts in the black list. To call it you can’t write, too – life is getting better. She’ll calm down and find a more suitable guy. And about suicide: you yourself believe that she really threw herself under the car? I don’t think it’s just a theatrical gesture?

In General, we wish you luck and fortitude! And also read the master guide for the cast of friends. Let all will be resolved peacefully and in your favor, friend.

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