I said, «You’ll regret this,» and I’m not sorry

Earl sweatshirtPeople like to build a know-it-alls and give advice. Especially their favorite tips about things for which they do not dare themselves, and therefore others are not told, saying, you will not regret. But you know what they are doing, and you make informed decisions. I don’t regret it — although it did all this.

To unpopular specialty

«Look at Alex, said to me, he had the honors and went to study on the Manager, he has a great future». Now Alex works in the family firm, and if this family firm was not one who knows who he was now. Neither the business nor the economy, nor the programming I was given none of these Sciences, and I do not regret that did not ramming them into his humanitarian head. Lesson unloved business give little results. Attempts to fit into the present order of life in five years can be ineffective: everything will change. Who would you feel then? An idiot who learned to do something he doesn’t like and can’t get a job? If I had to choose, I would go to the Department of Philology. I have no doubt.

To have sex with the unloved girl

Cultural norms tell us that sex is an act of love. The question is arguable. To a greater extent from this point of view, suffer girls that mom pre-configure: sex, like, in love. No, not only. If only it were that simple, we would already live in Paradise, eating ambrosia and mustache is not blowing. But there is no Paradise, ragweed Allergy, we have to survive in the complicated conditions of real life.

So. Why not? The heavens will not open up, Satan will take you, and conscience to gnaw will not. Nothing wrong with that. Only the good ones. If you are, of course, will not advocate casual sex for a lifetime — but that’s another extreme. And extreme, as is known, in what good do not lead.

To get a tattoo (or two or three)

I have a tattoo — not the most extreme place (not on the neck and not the phalanges). And it seems to me that it is not the last. It is strange that its presence on my body for other people. Why they are worried that it’s forever and that orange at the bottom of a grandfather’s body, the picture will not look as fun as in my today’s thin, but a young bird. (Oh, the truth is that it forever, why was I not told?) I do not regret that did the tattoo, and I am sure that the future grandfather Dmitry, too, will not condemn me today for these tricks. He graciously appreciate the long-standing body art and will go to the salon for something new. Something fun masters when it comes to grumpy old anemic and getting them wrinkled limb!

Not to get drunk at the age

And indeed on any birthday. When I turned 18, I basically do not drink. So instead of drinking all ate salad and cake, went for a walk, and then half the night watching a movie, eating popcorn, throwing popcorn and never drank. Was a good birthday — it’s good to remember than if I got drunk and I threw up on someone from sitting next to friends. Why booze is the equivalent of fun? One can freely exist without the other.

Become a vegetarian

Meet a great collection of platitudes: «Man must eat meat» «what about protein», «You’ll get sick and die.» Come on, everything is fine — and continues to be normal for five and a half years. I would not say that I became healthier, I felt an unearthly lightness, and on his forehead opened the third eye. Nothing. But weakness I don’t feel I have enough, and thin my whole life. Just do what you think is right, and any venture away from mind — then you will not regret.

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