I said Hunchback!!!! About this cool thing like a revolver

Revolver — is a whole epoch. In all seriousness, friend: in Belarus, it was removed from service private security not long ago — in 2005.

In fact, the revolver is not a revolver, it is a special gun design that provides a very good accuracy and the strength of battle: with 35 steps, the bullet pierces the package of dry pine boards with a thickness of 2.54 cm, located at a distance of 8 cm from one another. It’s really impressive.

During the First world war revolvers were very common. The advantages of the revolver was enough. During the Second World revolver next to the TT pistol was one of the best representatives of one-handed firearms.

And, of course, who wasn’t presented Gleb Zheglov and Volodya Sharapov??

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