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manygoodtips.com_15.05.2014_nlxn8Z55Prnj2Happy people, just like us, mere mortals, can feel pain and disappointment. But unlike many others they do not allow minor or major troubles to destroy him.

Here are a few beliefs that should follow, if you want to be happy.

1. There is no «should»

Happy people know that human behavior is determined by his personal choice in a given situation. They do not spend energy on throwing between public fixed «guilty» or «not guilty», and prefer to decide for themselves what is right and what is not.

2. Between black and white there are shades of grey

Happy is the man brave enough to face the facts and admit that, Yes, he’s not the best in the world … (insert desired word) that there is on this planet people much more talented or intelligent, but that does not mean that it is time to open the veins. Shades of gray — this is normal. By the way, you, like all others, has strengths and weaknesses. That’s okay too.

3. The facts are primarily

Happy people never say that he’s an idiot, because this morning he forgot to turn off the iron. The fact that someone forgot to turn off the iron, means only that he forgot to turn off the iron. No more, no less.

4. Aggression you want to filter

A happy person is not upset if he was rude to a stranger. He knows that this aggression does not apply personally to him. People usually focus on their business, and dissatisfaction with these matters can result in aggression in your address. In this case, you only got a hot hand, so do not take the words to heart.

5. Pain can not be avoided

Happy people accept the fact that their lives have been and will be painful, unpleasant situation that cannot be avoided. This knowledge helps them to bravely endure periods of suffering, because the only way to eliminate the possibility of pain — lead a vegetative existence.

6. Important even a tiny possibility

Happy man looks at events in the world and in his life from a position of personal responsibility. He knows that no matter how small has not been allotted to him in this situation, the role that he is not powerless. Boldly focus on what you can do, not on what can’t.

7. The little things — the beautiful

Happy people do not live by the principle «I’ll be happy when….». They believe that small pleasures of everyday life are to be noticed and appreciated.

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