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Hello, dear manygoodtips.com. A long time ago you read, read, learned, continue in the same spirit!

The question I have is this: I decided to take your advice and try to grow a beard, but that’s the thing, the puck under the nose grows rapidly, and on the cheeks – much longer and the hair weak, not as rigid as on my chin, I can assume that not enough minerals and vitamins, someone advised to RUB castor oil – the Internet is full of different kinds of traditional medicine I would like to hear valuable info from her husband, who I trust.

The answer

Hi, dear, dear to us, even than Nicolas cage, the reader. We swear that we will continue, until we close the CPS or you get bored.

And now about the main thing. Dear husband, a man… forgive us. It’s all because of us, and we are not ashamed, we are afraid. We feel a responsibility as a mother goose cares for their goslings.

To start I would like to know how old you are. If 16-19, you have everything ahead. Mustache always spreaded faster and thicker. It is the law. Maybe you have puberty still not over? I understand that not everyone is lucky to ovalocytes in 18 years. To take the fellow of the Chinese: almost thirty years of a boy’s faces Shine.

Generally, your hair things – this is pure genetics and the lack of the main male hormone – testosterone. This does not mean that you’re defective, and you have egg less productive. It’s all bullshit. Just naturally so. The ornament of the beard is a purely personal, like fingerprints. I have the first savoleyres as you call it in the washer. At 16 I was like Azeri taxi driver. Cheeks were like the skin badly plucked chicken that bad. But nothing, after 5 years the cheeks caught up with the mustache. Please note, without stimulants.

As for drugs, don’t personally eat hormones, absorb finasterid and push yourself sportpit in which this testosterone is more than the «red rot» albums. Hormone overproduction you too to anything good will not. If you decide to go the medical route, go to an endocrinologist. Not «Real Trans hair», and the endocrinologist. He looks up at you, studying and graceful, uneven handwriting will give you the tools that will accelerate the production of the hormone, and along the hair from the skin. Appropriate proportions will make you elegant bearded man, not a mutant.

Of course you can RUB burdock, cinnamon, mint and checking to see if all these written tools will help. Well, once a year and the stick shoots. They even say that massaging the hairless cheeks with a soft towel will help the person to gain the features of Gerard Butler from «300». Just don’t believe that frequent shaving promotes hair growth. Absolute nonsense. The fact that the hair after shaving seem to be thicker, does not mean that they will grow up, rather the opposite. Of course, there is the local acceleration of hair growth after shaving. But this is followed by a slowdown over the next few hours. The final effect of shaving is reduced to zero.

And remember: hygiene is the friend of students, businessmen, pharmacists, congressmen, designers, fitters, in General, all sorts of people. So you don’t be a slut, wash in the morning. Only the bright face chistyuli respect the beard! The oil, dirt and dead skin creates a large barrier. To scrub your face, wash every day. Wash scrub and lotion cleanses the face. Otherwise you will smooth the exhibit Madame Tussauds.

And of course, sleep is necessary bearded. The hair to grow even better at night. But for best results sleep 7-8 hours a day. Otherwise, be smooth like a young deer.

Eat beans, fish, horse meat and animal fats. They have a lot of protein – grace beard.

And finally, again think about it, and if you need a beard? It is troublesome and not everyone has to face. Maybe your personality glittering like Marlon Brando, cheeks?

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